Monday, July 14, 2014

Perfectly Purple {Wisdom teeth aren't so wise}

This weekend was quite interesting. I, at the ripe ole' age of 31, had my wisdom teeth extracted on Friday afternoon. I spent the weekend battling chipmunk cheeks and considering ice cream a well balanced meal. I felt like supermom as I braved the farmer's market, grocery store, & Target all with Oliver in tow and without any help of pain medication. We made it through the past few days and now we are ready for another week. And even though I would not recommend having oral surgery just for fun, it really wasn't all that bad. However, I do have a mommy confession ... Olly ate cereal for "dinner" on Saturday night and he got his fill of movies, but I kept him alive and we bonded over our love of mint chocolate chip, so I would call that a success. On Sunday evening I even spray painted a tomato can and made a flower arrangement with sweet floral lovelies from my garden. We women are tough!

I hope you all have a great week! Just remember you can always handle more than you think you can. I am reminded of this daily.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Smitten Kitten over Summer Style

I hope you all had an amazing Holiday weekend. I spent it celebrating with fireworks & friends. Going to beach bonfires and of course, wearing my patriotism proudly with a cute striped clutch and red lipstick. These days, the idea of summertime and more specifically, sitting on the beach for a gourmet picnic sounds heavenly. We are lucky here in West Marin because our night's are still quite chilly but the days are sunny and beautiful. I want sparkling water, the warm sun, the feel of sand beneath me, all while reading a good book, donning a fun hat and a sweet pair of shades. I've been on the hunt for some summer attire and I have discovered and I am one smitten kitten. I recently fell in love with this blue polka dot linen dress. 

I want it to help fulfill my summer style fantasies. Don't all of us girls have them? What looks are you going for this summer? Help this wannabe stylish mama out! 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Mama struggle these days: An open letter

Well it happened! I had a much-needed mama moment. It seems lately I'm trying so hard to stay on top of Oliver's scheduled activities and making sure he has clean clothes and his lunch packed for school, that I'm not experiencing those special little moments that are tucked away in the corners of each day. When I stayed at home full time, those moments were happening everyday. The kind of glimpses into who he is going to be and what kind of job I'm doing as a parent. The ones that bring such a sweet and simple joy to help you get through those napless afternoons and crazy tantrums over crayons and juice boxes. It seems that "those" moments have been harder to find lately. Our days are so planned out and by the time I have gone through the motions of being a full time working mama, I am in a complete exhaustion filled haze. The worst part is I hadn't even noticed how much I missed those daily reminders of what it is to be a mother, until now.

...But then it happened. I sat in the garden on the farm with my boy while getting ready for an event. I took a few extra minutes to show him the carrots, strawberries and edible flowers that were growing. The strawberries were so incredibly huge and smelled delicious when the wind would blow past. He stood there in his little overalls and boots so curious about everything around him. He asked me if we could pick a strawberry, so of course I did. I handed it to him, it was the size of a small clementine and sat past the confines of his palms. He stared at me like he didn't know what to do with it. I told him to taste it. I watched him take a bite with the sun shining through his hair. His eyes closed and the juice seeped out the corners of his mouth. He looked at me with a huge smile and said it was yummy. I tasted it as well, he was right. It tasted like candy. It was in this 15 seconds of exploring the idea of picking a strawberry and eating it that gave me that mama moment back. I may be busy, I may be doing the best I can to juggle it all and enjoy the journey along the way... but he's okay. I'm okay. We're eating fresh strawberries and playing on farms. We are soaking up the summer sun and exploring the world around us. It was a pretty fantastic feeling. I bottled that moment up immediately. I plan on remembering it each day when I am seeking more of those moments and I will continue to collect them. It's all gonna be okay...


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