Monday, February 14, 2011

"Hi, I'm let's be friends!"

Welcome to A Little Glass Box! I am so excited to be starting this blog to share with all of you readers! I am currently a Baltimore, Maryland transplant but I am originally from the sweet land of Texas! I adore decorating, baking, writing, and celebrating all moments of life! I hope you will enjoy visiting my site as I share ideas with you on how to create your way to a happy life! Feel free to look around and see lots of photos and some how to's, just click on the tabs above. I am always looking for inspiration and I try to absorb all that is around me. I hope together we can inspire each other to make eveyrthing look, feel, and taste a little bit more special!
Now that we have officially met, let me share my first post with you about our Valentines Day extravaganza! I hope you all had an amazing V-day filled with lots of love! We celebrated at home this year but that didnt stop us from blowing the roof off this place with bright and cheerful heart day worthy decor! I didnt want this celebration to cost a lot of money so this is what I came up with!
I also found myself making lots of whimsical garlands made of yarn which was easy to work with and great for the budget!
What's a holiday without cake?
To see the rest of our Valentine's day meal click here...but I warn you it was absolutely delicious and most likely to induce a food coma.
  All of this really made for a romantic and fun day! This was a very special Valentine's Day for us because it was our first one with our four month old baby boy...and I must say he was the best gift I could have ever received! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Mad props to the hubs for dealing with my picture taking obsession!


  1. Hey mama-

    Nice little inspirational blog! I LOVE that there's a pic of the IKE calendar! He'll be super pleased. And at first glance Olly looks like you, but in some of the photos, he looks JUST LIKE Ryan when he was a baby. Crazy/weird.


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