Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Make your Bed!!!

Okay....I'm not really telling you to make your bed...but to make OVER your bed! This is something that the Hubs and I have avoided for years!!! I have lived with this bulky, uninteresting, and very dark bed in my room for too really has been the unwelcome guest at the party! I think we were both too intimidated to touch this bed even though it didn't fit the space. Now after completing the make-over this weekend I don't understand why we let so much time go by & did not do this before now! Thankfully, we have now remedied this! Now everything else is left to complete in the room but at least this is a huge chore off the list!  

In order to do this project all I needed was...
*my existing bed
*furniture cleaner
*hand saw
*sand paper
*spray adhesive
*staple gun & staples
***If you do not have an existing bed that would work you could always make your own headboard to cover out of plywood or MDF (which would be a lot heavier)
Here are the visual steps a long with some notes on how we got from Before to After
Overall I had a great sense of accomplishment after the completion of this project. The project cost (for me due to the fact that the foam, batting, and fabric were on sale) less than $100.

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