Monday, February 28, 2011

My weekend was on fast forward...

I am not sure how your weekend went but mine looked a little like this ...

After having a meeting with a real estate agent and deciding to rent our house out for the next year, we headed to some thrift stores, auction houses, consignment shops & flea markets. What a great way to deflate the pressure that was building up and find the beauty in the rest of the weekend. As well as invest in some pieces that we could take with us to California to make it feel more like home. We were quite successful. In fact, we loaded up the ole' car and headed home with $110 worth of finds! I found myself so excited about EVERY single one of my finds but then quickly realized that meant cleaning, restoring, painting or tweaking almost all of them was near in my future. A lot of them I bought in mind for our master bedroom which is currently receiving an overhaul. Hopefully the reveal will be later this week!  I was able to get to a few of them yesterday while watching the Oscars and enjoying my baby boy getting excited about bubbles. Yes he just discovered the magic of bubbles! Here they are in all their "after" glory...
Let me just also make a note that the bed side table above in my favorite! It looks like a table from a very expensive store here where it costs $800-900 buckaroos! Totally unacceptable for my budget..however I found this beauty for $12!!!! It makes me so excited I want to bust out into a very obnoxious and crazy dance! With a little paint she looks brand new and I love her, she is curvy and very beautiful! I cannot wait to see her in the grand scheme of the master bedroom. Stay tuned for that! So after a long weekend of coming up with a moving game plan, shopping, cleaning, painting objects & trim, and Oscaring I am happy to have a day to breathe a bit. I hope to try a new recipe and soak the sun in! I hope you all had an awesome weekend and a great Monday! Have you ever had an amazing thrift store finds? I wanna hear about it!  


  1. Beautiful! Possibly your greatest talent is seeing what things COULD be. You have put your stamp on yet another project and how lovely it is!

  2. Just found your blog, LOVE IT. We have similar style and you are inspiring me all over the place! Quick question, what gold spray paint do you prefer? I have been testing different ones out (the different brands REALLY yield different results, eh?) I very much like the tone of the squirrel you painted...Thanks for your time love :)

  3. Hey Tiffany, I will send you an email just in case you dont check back...;.) This is my absolute FAVORTIE!!!
    They have it at home depot. I have found the coverage is ahhhhmazing! Thanks for coming to the blog & welcome!!!!! I hope this helps ;.)


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