Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ohhh I love how it shines...

One of my most recent Craigslist transformations happens to be one of the most exciting one's I have ever completed! For a long time I wanted a special way to display all of my jewelry (much like they do in specialty stores). However, all curio cabinets or display shelving units cost uber amounts of money! So I    decided to make my own. I purchased this little beauty for $35.00 off of Craigslist...I also purchased a small quart of paint and a gold paint pen. The fabrics used as well as the paper & the mini-chandelier were all free! I also had sanding supplies on hand. 

I spray painted the lid of the perfume bottle to match the cabinet and tied on a charm and ribbon. I also used things such as candle votive holders and candle sticks to use to display my earrings and bracelets. You can really let your imagination run wild with all of the creative ways you can display everything.

     The "feeling a little blue" earring holder is simply a sprayed name place card holder (seashell) which I used to house my favorite blue sparkly earrings. The dog is a perfect way to keep my rings and the "gulping guppy" is from Anthropologie.

 This is a vintage jewelry box that I got from an antique store. I loved all the little delicate details of it.

The Chandelier I hand made with a sparkly votive holder and some extra dangling gems. The hubs sawed the bottom off of the votive holder and we used wire to attach it to the existing light inside the curio cabinet. I then used little wire rings to attach the dangling gems in a pattern all the way around the votive holder. The gorgeous brass jewelry box was a gift from my best friend, isn't she amazing? I love surrounding myself with the special little things I love especially when they are things given to me by friends and family. The printed paper that looks like wallpaper behind the shelving is actually just inexpensive scrapbook paper taped onto cardboard pieces that were pre-measured to fit in the back of the unit (shoved in between the glass shelves). It took three 12X12 pieces for each section. This allows me to change the paper out with my mood. One of my favorite new necklaces is hanging from the beak of a spray painted bird. One of my friends who makes beautiful jewelry made it, to look at her amazing jewelry visit Kflickstudio. For more information on the steps it took to get from the before to the after click here.


  1. This is amazing! You are so crafty! I am going to have to do a house tour on Friday!

  2. Wow! so beautiful. awesome!

  3. This is so odd, this jewelry display piece of yours is so not my style and yet I am SMITTEN with it! SMITTEN I say. I cannot believe what you did with it. I am on the look out for something similar. Thank you so much for such inspiration!

  4. This is a beauty and I love your creativity! It looks really great!

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