Monday, February 21, 2011

This New Mommy's Must Haves

After having my little Olly Tate...

This new Mommy soon found that having her own time to do as she pleases and her own little health and beauty products to reference made all the difference in the world. Some days where a nap sounds as amazing as a island vacation getaway (and as unattainable) these items act as a pick me up. These are some of my Mommy must haves!

1. The lip gloss in currant is amazing when you don't feel like putting on a whole bunch of make up but want to add a subtle hint of color to your face. The face wash is particularly amazing when you get up for an early morning feeding and just need a little refreshment.
2. These are my most recent Anthropologie earrings. I love them because they jazz up any plain shirt. It takes the focus off of my less than perfect hair and wardrobe.
3. This Michael Kors bag is my FAVORITE! This was a surprise given to me by my Hubs yesterday! I love everything about it. I cannot wait to use it this summer. I think every mom needs a non mommyish baby bag. The size of this one is pefrect enough to house a bottle and diaper but sexy enough to make its appearance for a night out!  
4. Bath & Body works offers a few aromatherepy products. I like the the sleep and stress relief scents. However, right now I favor the stress relief formula because it smells amazingly fresh and minty and it wakes me up in the shower!
5. Nail Polish!!! The easiest way to make yourself feel like a woman again amongst late night and early morning feedings and moments of no longer putting yourself first. When I painted my toes for the first time after Olly was born you would have thought I had been at the spa all day. It made me feel so pretty again! A pretty feeling mommy makes baby happy!
6. A flowing and feminine night gown has been important for me! This one is currently my favorite (from Anthropologie) because it feels like I am wearing a dress around the house. That way some days when I don't get into my clothes until late I don't feel that bad because I feel like I am wearing a dress.
7. Awww these West Elm sheets make me just want to crawl in bed and stay there..enough said!
8. Last but not least, Tazo black iced tea! Makes me feel special without all the calories! Caffeine sometimes is a must.

These are all the items that make me smile and I couldn't live without!...Okay I could live without them but just wouldn't want to! What items can you not live without? Let me here from you and remember to become a follower to enter for future give-a-ways!

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