Tuesday, March 29, 2011

$10 fix a flat.....

Can anyone else not believe that March is almost over? I have no clue where the last month has gone. Countdown California is getting closer & closer to launch! In the meantime, I figured I would share with you a little light hearted $10 fix a flat moment from over the weekend. I love my bedroom dresser but it still seemed a little flat to me...I know that is (almost) impossible since it's color Coral Gables punches you in the face, however, I still felt like it was missing something. So for $10 spent at Home Depot (while I was already there for the bathroom) I was able to fix a flat dresser and make it dazzle to the level it was intended to! I went down the wooden molding isle and found these medallion and trim pieces which were just screaming at me to be painted in some left over gold paint we had hiding out in the basement. Poor gold paint, it had no chance for long term survival in this household...these days I am known as Queen Midas! Here is what it looks like now...It was so simple to do it  just required a little wood gluing after the spray paint dried and some painter's tape to hold it in place while the glue cured. Overall a simple $10 investment and I just love it!
*Also speaking of things I LOVE look at these bust vases. I feel like I need them for some lil’ Succulents. They are quite pricey but I am actually thinking about shelling out the buckaroos for them depending on how our yard sale goes ;.)
Look at them in Joy's amazing dining room here
Have a great day! DO you have any good fix a flat stories? Also has anyone else tried becoming a follower with difficulty? Let me know ;.)
Also if you would like to purchase this darling duo click here


  1. i love these planters, especially the female ones

    theyre less money and money goes to alzeimer's research! and they support a local-to-me business!

  2. Excellent addition to the dresser - that idea never would have occurred to me! :)

  3. Thanks Alaurable they're awesome! Thanks to you too Lindsay! It makes me happy every time I look at my dresser ;.)


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