Thursday, March 24, 2011

Have I introduced you to my friend Art....

Yesterday I stumbled across this amazing collage art by John Murphy. I loved it so much I immediately went and ordered a few pieces. It is very reasonably priced which totally tickles my fancy all the more!!! They just might make a little appearance in the bathroom after all of the hard work is complete ;.)

Aren't they just so fun! Love them!!!! They would be awesome in a kids room or even a little whimsical moment over an entry way console! I was so inspired to create and with my most recent trip to the zoo (and pictures of animals galore *thanks to the Hubs) I wanted to try and make my own John Murphy collage art Courtney style and here is what I came up with...
Not too shabby huh? I sort of really liked it. A little cropping action, making the image black and white, erasing the background and adding some clip art and here she is ;.) She might even get printed out and put on the art wall in my room! The best part, she was FREE! I thought this could even be a fun idea for pictures of my lil' mind is running wild. It's one of those days. So I am off to create! I hope this inspires you and check out John Murphy's art! I can't wait for mine to get here!


  1. I just got back to checking the original post I commented on (bathroom reveal) and saw the directions to check this post! I love your creation- and thanks for introducing me to John Murphy!


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