Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Between you and me...

My bathroom looks a lil' sad, droopy,  a tad ugly, & on the verge of a décor disaster! I have been saying these things with love to myself and to my bathroom in hopes that it would motivate all of us to make it better ;.) So last night the Hubs and I finally started to demo the black sheep of the family.
We have transformed this house over the last five years and we no longer feel the urge to cry every time we drive up to it with the song Everybody Hurts playing in our minds (which is good!)…so it is finally time for the bathroom to evolve as well. Now with this said I do realize we are leaving here in a few short months but it bothered me to leave it with someone else so drab and blah and there is also a selfish part of me that wants to finish it because there was a vision I had for the house. When my husband called me up a month ago from work and said, “Guess what we’re moving to Cali,” I’m not going to lie and say that all the unfinished projects of the house went away for me, quite the contrary; they entered into my crazy brain and never left! So one by one I have been knocking them off the list in order to leave this house in better shape than we found it;.) Needless to say the plan has changed a little, I am not going crazy with new shower tile or new flooring, the bones of the room are good. We are just making her sparkle a little more. Paint, fabric, art, lighting…these are all in the works! So as for a timeline I am giving myself complete leniency due to the fact that I am trying to rent out the house, pack for a 3,000 mile move, host an Easter brunch of some sort, get ready for a Charles Village yard sale oh yeah and all while staying home with a five month old. However, I KNOW I can do this ;.) hahah, well  at least I am going to try!  Wish me luck! What colors would you like to see? I am thinking Martha Stewart’s Chinchilla Grey & Citron maybe? *Also there are buds on the trees people! Spring has finally sprung!
This is what we started with & what we created after a little bit of a workout (bathroom style that is).


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