Friday, March 18, 2011

Bringing in color with accents

If you can't tell by now I love bold colors on top of a neutral backdrop ;.). Bringing in whatever color makes your eyeballs happy through accents is the easiest way to add color. I often find myself painting a frame a different color, adding ribbon or trim or using different shades of a color to bring my room to life. Here are some ways that I brought a little bit of green into my home.
I used paint to cover around a frame that was a sad shade of eggplant. I brought it in with artwork, ribbon, books, my fav-o gulping guppy ring holder, and even through paper. I love this Amy Butler paper! I used it on top of a tray to spice it up a little bit with the pop of the flowers. The best part is that it is super easy to change out!
One of my favorite colors of green right now is ms. Martha's Bay Leaf. I used it to paint the frame of the dog picture above.  

No matter what color you want to see more of in your home just try bringing it in, in small doses, it's safer that way. Don't start off with a boldly painted wall or curtains out of that color until you have made sure you can live with it ;.)
***Also new APP for ipone or Blackberry alert! It is called Color Snap by Sherwin Williams. It allows you to snap a picture and color match to their paint colors. LOVE IT! We plan on going to the zoo this weekend so I am going to be color snap happy thoughout the park, I am sure of it! I will let you know what crazy shade of flamingo pink, polar bear white, or elephant grey I come home wanting for mi casa ;.) Wish us luck! I also hope you have an AMAZING weekend!

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