Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finding inspiration

I am ALWAYS looking for good ideas. One thing never lacking for me is daily inspiration. I find that it is always around me. It could be the way food is presented to me on a plate, a favorite shirt or a picture from a magazine...I find beauty and creativity in everything. My hubs cracks me up because every time I say, "hey you know what I am thinking" he will say, "NO TELLING" haha!  This response is from years of not knowing what I will do next. It is not rare for me to decide to randomly paint stripes on the wall after seeing a rug I like...or wanting to paint a piece of furniture based off the color of cupcake truly happens people! So when I started looking for ideas for the master bedroom it was surprisingly easy. I was able to find inspiration from different images posted on Pinterest (which if you aren't familiar with it, is an amazing website full or ideas & sources. Everything from art, food, clothing etc.) I also looked in my closet and looked to see what patterns and colors I gravitated to. My favorite part of the process so far has been finding expensive pieces, fabrics, accessories etc. and trying to recreate that look and feel in my own way for a lot less. Sometimes I will find myself investing in something expensive but most of the time I stray from it because I know a room is never "done" with me and I may change my mind down the road. Going cheaper = less guilt over change! However, it never fails I always gravitate towards the more expensive items, one example, is more expensive fabric like the one pictured below that I first fell in love with on one of my favorite daily blogs. I was shopping the other day and I was able to find a pillow in a fabric that resembled what I loved about the expensive one which was the randomness of the pattern. I was very excited to find a way to incorporate this into my room. Here are some of the places my brain went during this makeover for ideas...
  So here are some of the starting points for how I start to "create" a space. How do you find inspiration?

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