Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In Lust With...

This Chloe  chair (shout out to my lil Chloe Reyes);.) 
But with the $900 price tag I DONT THINK SO ;.) sorry pretty chair we just weren't meant to be. However, I can't let go of that vibrant pattern for the life of me so I found this fabric by Dwell
It's called Gate in the color Citrine. It is the same fabric! With this golden beauty on sale for $16.00 a yard this week I will be buying some for a future project. Maybe a bench, lampshade, a chair or even a shower curtain? The possibilities are endless! Happy Wednesday, here's to hunting down a good deal and finding inspiration even in expensive items!


  1. Where did you find the fabric?

  2. Great question! I was super lucky because I first found it at Calico Fabrics under DWEll fabrics for around $40 a yard.Then I looked at (which I LOVE and is a GREAT fabric resource) and I found it there under Dwell Fabrics for cheaper (less than $16 a yard). The only problem is that they sometimes run out of the fabric I want, however, I always check back because they do update and sometimes restock.


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