Friday, March 11, 2011

Luvin' me some Goodwill!

Recently my love for hunting for goodies inside of Goodwill has developed into a "healthy hobby", or that is what I tell myself ;.) I know it makes the Hubs happy that his $ is being spent on a store full of cheapsies instead of a full price store. With this said let me also say that I like to shop at Goodwill for two reasons. One is that I can grab great stuff cheaply which helps to save my money for a few full price splurges that are special and worth budgeting for...the second reason is because spending $1 to $3 on something provides me the security to be completely creative with it. I do not hesitate with fear of messing something up because at the end of the day it was a buckaroo or two. For example we sprayed a flower vase that cost a$1 (gold metallic) when it was originally pea green with no hesitation. I am not going to lie and say it was easy for me to just start shopping at Goodwill but once I started I am IN LOVE! Truly makes this girls heart happy! I love that every item I find gets cleaned up, a fresh start, and repurposed. I wanted to show you some places Mr. Goodwill has showed up in my most recent room makeover. I hope this encourages you to check out your local Goodwill or thrift shop or even yard sales. I keep telling my Hubs that one fun thing about driving from Maryland to California this summer will be ALL THE GOODWILLS we pass along the way…ahhhh the possibilities, especially with a huge moving truck to stuff my lil’ treasures into. Below are just a few of my finds almost all of them have been added to (like my wedding broche on the purse) or painted (like the squirrel and tray and lamp). What are some of your favorite finds? Go look for some this weekend if zero came to mind ;.) I will be! Have a great weekend everyone! Much love from Casa de Schutz!  

Ohh, and for those of you wondering if the little man had fun at the aquarium....

He DID ;.)

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  1. Your decorating skills are so impressive!!! I wish I had that talent. I love the pics with you and Olly!


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