Monday, March 7, 2011

McSteamy makes da' curtains Dreamy....

We are talking about curtains today friends! However this is no ordinary curtain post. This is a tale of two failures & a success! A tale of dying, cutting, measuring, spray painting, shopping and so much more! ….Okay, maybe not quite as exciting as I hoped but it did end up being a great success and I also did a how to for you!
 Let me also just say that I am so excited that my bedroom is done & I will be taking pictures today so I can share it with all of you tomorrow! I love every little detail, too bad we will be moving in a few months and will have to set up shop elsewhere, but for now I plan on getting extreme amounts of joy out of it….I hope you get some great ideas and inspiration for you space as well. Now on to the curtains for the bedroom which we finally tackled this weekend! After two failed attempts at purchasing cheap-o Ikea curtains and RIT dying them (fail 1) & spray painting our previous curtains with metallic spray paint to try and cut the cost (fail 2) we finally had a great success that took a few hours but not a lot of buckaroos! *let me just give a little disclaimer that both above mentioned fails were actually fails in terms of how they looked in the actual room. Outside of the room the Rit dyed curtains & metallic sprayed curtains looked fabulous and I highly suggest trying these methods!
 The last method we tried ended up only costing $90 for 4 separate window panels…so they came out to $22.50 per panel. However, if you do not have two windows in your space like we do, it could be even more cheapsies ;.) I purchased two standard shower curtains (72” x 72”) which I LOVE the fabric more than any fabric I could find at the store & one standard 50” x 84” window panel in a complimentary color. (If you only had one set of windows you would need only one shower curtain). I also LOVE taking something meant for something else like a shower curtain and using the fabric for regular curtains! It saves you a lot of money since most shower curtains are in the $20 to $30 range. Here is how my Hubs and I made the curtains out of these items:

*Also for those of you who are curious, as I would be

So here is how we speant our weekend, well that and getting our room ready to share with all of you! I hope this helped you to get some ideas for your own curtain needs. Don't forget that if sewing isn't an option you can always use no sew hem tape as well. Look for the curtains big debut in our room reveal! Let me know if you have any questions or any great ideas! Ohhh and how is the font, better? ;.) Happy Monday folks! See you tomorrow! Happy birthday Jen!


  1. I jumped over from Young House Love to see what's crackin'...Olly is adorbs!!!!

    <3 the curtains!! It's amazing how people can overlook things like shower curtains as DIY curtains...I made some using Steam-a-Seam and twin sheets :) Humor me if you would and check them out...I'm new to the blog writing world but I'm a pretty good blog stalker :) :) :)

  2. Where were the shower curtains from? love the fabric.

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