Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Morning Beauties

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was spent at the zoo, setting up appointments to meet future renters, getting some projects underway, day dreaming of crib canopies and new shower curtains, and cleaning out my closet. Sounds like fun huh (evil villain laugh here hahaha)? It did feel jam packed, so last night I relaxed a little while getting ready for my week by making flower arrangements. I love having fresh flowers in the home! I have found that waking up next to some perky lil’ darlings on my bedside table or washing the dishes next to a bowl of bold beauties puts a smile on my face during the trivial tasks of daily life. When it comes to flowers I do try and stretch my dollar. I have found that carnations and other “filler flowers” seem to last the longest. So last night as I was getting ready to make a couple of arrangements it dawned on me that a few of you out there might benefit from my how to tips. It took me a while to figure out how simple it could be and if done just right how fan- flowertastic it could look!  So I snapped a few photos of the process. Disclaimer: to all of you who know that my mother is a florist just know this is not necessarily the correct way to do flower arranging, but it works for me ;.) And for those of you who didn’t know my mother was a florist …surprise! She has also been a real estate agent, a nurse, a funeral director & overall a creative person, we are a complex family…Now on to the flowers…***Oh and check out the picture of my new purse I LOVE it. Can we say color inspiration? I got it from Anthropologie, it is my new non-mommy mommy bag ;.) Try saying that five times in a row. I love it, ohhh it’s the simple things. Now here is what I used for the flowers.
. An Oasis block (from any craft store in floral section. Make sure it is Oasis and can get wet, it holds the flowers in the container so that they don’t topple over).
. A kitchen knife & scissors
. A container
. Flowers
. Water

& if that isn't pretty enough to start your week off looking at then look at us being crazy at the zoo, it is sure to make you laugh ;.)

Ohh yea, we're those people! Happy Monday y'all! I hope you will go buy some flowers for yourselves!


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