Monday, March 28, 2011

New friends & dusty weekends....

This weekend was chaotic! A lot of sanding in the bathroom which somehow made its way into every room of the house including down our staircase ;.) (Messy job but someone had to do it)! Painting, spray painting and more spray painting...flower planting, re-wiring electric outlets in the bathroom and packing some boxes and sorting some items for our up and coming Yard sale! Here is what it felt like...they say a picture is worth a 1000 this case I totally agree....

It has to get worse before it gets better, right? Well I think it's officially A LOT worse! But everything made progress and that is all we can ask for. It was a beautiful weekend for weather here. We were told to expect some snow and rain yesterday and it was nice and sunny. I loved every minute of it and I couldn't have been more pleased not to see the fluffy white stuff. ;.) I did a few small projects that I am super excited to share with you this week. One of them was finding these darling new friends at HomeGoods and spray painting them to be a little more festive in mi casa! Yesterday I had a spray painting party with myself! I was so pleased with the blue I used I wanted to paint everything! But no worries here-I held back,  a little ;.) I purchased the dog for $12 and the turtle for $16, the dog resembles my Violet girl which made me love it so much more and had to have it for our home. I do love that this one doesn't bark! I also did the happy discount dance in the middle of the store because I previously wanted a dog that looked like this from Pottery Barn which was $29 so finding one for $12 felt ahhhhhhmazing!!!
(This is our precious Violet girl...she needed to be introduced to you all.) Isn't is amazing what a little paint can do? I love the doggie so much and it gives me the same feel as the $40 Rhino I showed you on Friday from Z-Gallerie. Same scale just more of a perfect match for our home. As for Mr. S. Pokey...that would be Slow Pokey the turtle, he is happy and living somewhere special. I will be showing you soon! I hope you guys are ready for a great decor-filled week...I am, but, I need a vacation...I guess I will settle for a nap with the little man today! Happy Monday!

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