Thursday, March 31, 2011

Project perky porch please!!!

I'm back!!!! More importantly, my computer is feeling better today! I thought to make up for being absent yesterday I would just jump right into one of my weekend projects that I completed. Yay projects!
I have been on a mission to take a picture of my family in front of our very first house since we will soon be leaving it. That meant making our front porch a little bit more picture friendly with some low cost decorations! So here it goes...remember Mr. S Pokey the turtle? Well he was the star of our show in our little photo shoot! I used things I had laying around the house already, a bird, a wooden bench, a trash can, an old ugly pot and even a baby formula can (after the green bean can was too small and didn't work). I only purchased spray paint, four plants for a total of $16 and our new favorite fake turtle, I would never recommend spray painting a real one ;.)

 It was easy to give personality to my formula can. After I cleaned it and removed the label I just used simple stickers and paint to transform it (you can even drill holes in the bottom if you want the water to be able to get out). Here is how I did it.
Can you believe that the silver pot was a $3 clearance trash can I purchased a few years ago? I just re- purposed because it wasn't being used for anything since I gave my office up to be Olly's room ;.) The bench had no identity in my house either, so I sprayed it orange and put er' outside! She seems to like her new home. And doesn't Mr. Pokey look handsome? I still just love him! The bird is the perfect little perky accent! Now the front of my house feels so cheerful even though spring is slowly getting here and temps are still quite chilly! Sprucing it up gave just the little boost this old gal of a house needed to create the picture that I wanted to remember for forever!

 I hope some of these ideas inspire you to make the outside of your house just as great as the inside! The total cost of my project was less than $40 including paint, flowers, and Mr. Pokey himself. Don't be afraid to use items that would normally get thrown out like a vegitable can without the label (would be so cute with chalkboard paint on the front) or something that is not being used like I did with the bird and bench. Also don't ever stay inside the box when it comes to brainstorming ideas...I sure don't! Otherwise, you don't get inspired to use things like a trash can as a super fun plant pot. Now enough of my jibber jabber.... 
What is living on your porch these days?


I love to hear your thoughts lovelies! Comment away!


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