Thursday, March 3, 2011

Soon there will be renters in this house...

I must admit that trying to find someone else to live in our house is a very strange feeling. We have loved this house for nearly five years now. Which is so funny because when we first rolled up on it in our moving van (arriving from San Fran) we cried for a week straight. We had purchased sight unseen (not sure if we were brave or just really really stupid).  Now after pouring ourselves into every square inch of it, we love it! So when we suddenly were faced with a 3000 mile move back to San Fran it sort of felt like we were coming around full circle, however there is a difference this time. This time we have to leave our house which has become a part of us. So we have started the process of finding renters. Renters who will love & enjoy good ole' East 27th street for us while we are gone. So I have found myself doing "annual" must do's to our house like painting trim, puttying holes where pictures have been moved from, and rearranging furniture and artwork to showcase the house! So yesterday afternoon I spent the day photographing the kitchen for potential renters. I love that my kitchen allows a lot of light to come in through the window and that it is open to the entire downstairs. It makes socializing a lot easier when we have people come over. I hope you find it just as charming as I do. I hope that once we come back to the East coast we will be able to make this kitchen a little bit more spicy but this will do just fine for now!

I must say that the concrete counter tops are starting to grow on me and the addtition of the island makes baking and chopping so much easier. I spent $75 on the island which was on sale from $300 (at Target) a few years ago. One day I will get around to painting it or tweaking it in some way. I love using clear jars for storing all of my baking ingredients so I can see when I am running low on something, I also use one for Olly's formula. We find that our kitchen is just big enough for us and it allows me to cook and bake amazing meals for my lil' family...what more can a girl really ask for? *Oh and props to the Hubs who made a typical chandelier into this amazing light for hardly any money at all!


  1. Just came over here after seeing your beautiful dining room on young house love's facebook page. Love your blog. Its awesome to see what inspires people and in turn how I am inspired by them.

    Again, love your blog. The font is a little hard to read, but that might just be me (just thought you may want to know- no offense meant :) ). I can't sleep this early Saturday, so I'm going to be checking out the rest of your blog right now!

  2. Thanks so much! I am going to work on the font this weekend! Thanks again and I hope you enjoyed looking around ;.)

  3. Oh how funny - I too came over from your pics on the YHL facebook page and I was just mulling over if there was a really nice way to suggest changing your font here - it's super painful to read, but I have a feeling (from scrolling through your pictures) that I should really WANT to read it!

    Heh. Anyway, please don't take offense to the suggestion. I have bookmarked your site and will definitely be back, regardless of your font decisions. ;)

  4. Just found your blog via Young House Love! Love it! Can you explain a bit more how your very handy husband modified the chandelier? I'd love to do something similar.

  5. Hi carey! My hubby did it so I will have him take pics and explain himself for a future blog, I promise ;.) stay tuned ;.) WELCOME to the blog!


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