Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring is here time for some shopping not cleaning....

I always LOVE the fall and winter....cute coats & scarves, hot chocolate, and early dark nights, I just love it, seems so romantic! However, it seems every year when Spring finally decides to come it is welcomed and very much celebrated by my household as we also bitterly say goodbye to fall & winter! This past fall and winter was especially quick lived due to the arrival of our lil Oliver Tate! So I am now trying to embrace Spring like I haven't before and it is making its way to our lovely lady Baltimore, slowly but surely. The tree outside my bedroom window has sweet little buds that I am just waiting to take full bloom into  Cherry Blossoms! It reminds me that everything around us needs a fresh start...including our homes! That's what I tell myself when I need to justify a new bright colored vase to hold fresh flowers or a punchy throw pillow to greet me when I walk in the room. Here are some of my favorite most recent spring finds...I hope a few will come to visit and live at my house sometime soon ;.)

1. Floral Pillow FAV!
2. Bright & cheery Urn
3. Ostrich pillow actually $28
4. Set of dainty dessert plates
5. Etsy orange bike print
6. Owl lamp , wise investment ;.)
7. Ceramic Rhino
8. Petite Flower vase
9. Water color pillow

Don't you just want to adopt some of these whimsical buddies for your home this spring? Due to some of them having a heavy price tag I may be looking for a way to DIY thrift store knock-offs to get the same feel, so wish me luck! Send me any info if you find any spring must- haves as well!!!! Have a great weekend...I have paint and putty & lots of sanding in my future this weekend ;.)

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