Monday, March 14, 2011

This week I am going green!

Okay Ladies & Gents...I am going green this week, decoratively that is ;.)! All week long at casa de Schutz GREEN DIY projects will be the focus in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day (of course)! Green has never really been one of my favorite colors, so I don't naturally look for ways to incorporate it into my home. So I thought this would be a great challenge for me and for anyone else looking to bring more color into their space as well. (Especially for people with color phobia who resist committing to a color in their home.) So I am up for it, are you? Join me all week with ideas you can do with any color scheme that makes you happy! Here’s to a great week my peeps!

For Today's DIY, I purchased a $3 gold mirrored glass tray from Goodwill this past weekend & I spray painted it avocado green! I also purchased the white bowl which I used to hold flowers (for $1) to soften the bold color of the green. I just love how the newly colored tray brings out the green in the APPLE of MY EYE framed artwork I have on the bedside table, as well as the leaves on the curtains! Day one of green decor = success in mi casa! I know this seems like such a silly way to bring green in, but I just wanted a subtle hint. Baby steps ;.) This project could be amazing in any color…any kind of tray painted white or cobalt blue or even coral could be amazing. It could hold jewelry, a candle, flowers, a picture, a collection, wooden spools, seashells etc. The possibilities are endless! Let your brain go wild!

I also thought I might share with you something kind of funny! You can tell that my home's decor is never really too far off in my brain because my Hubs took me to go Polish shopping so I could start to throw away some of my old nail polish and these are the colors I picked! DO you see a pattern hahah?

I'm crazy! ;.) ...and don't worry I picked out a VERY FUN green color I will be trying this week! Have a great day!


  1. You must live near a great Goodwill!

  2. I am lucky Kathleen because I have three close to me. So if two don't have anything one most of the time will ;.) It's hit or miss but I enjoy the hunt!


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