Thursday, March 10, 2011

The ugly ducklings of East 27th street no More!

With the completion of the master bedroom came much excitement! Especially since we have an ever-growing to-do list. We are trying to get our house certified for renters, inspected,  as well as rented, pack our stuff up, have a yard sale & then move 3000 miles all while juggling a five month old lil’ guy, doggie friends and each other ;.)
 So for the bedroom we did not want to spend a lot of money due to the fact that we are leaving soon, so it was all about reworking what we had and tweaking inexpensive things we bought. Take this chair for example, we purchased it from a hotel furniture liquidator for $40 and held onto it for four years in the basement. After getting an idea for his and her chairs in our bedroom and watching my Hub’s upholstery skills grow over the past few years, I decided we could tackle this little ugly duckling, and we did. We sprayed her gold & covered her in fabric I had sitting around (an impulse pregnancy purchase 9 months ago on sale for $6 a yard). My hubs only purchased the rope to make piping as well as some bias tape. So this entire project cost us a total of $50 and that is with the $40 for the actual chair.  Also if you ever plan on recovering a chair this size make sure you allow yourself plenty of fabric. If it is a pattern you will need even more in order to match the pattern up right. We used around 4.5 yards of a solid color fabric. Here she is:
Then we needed a dresser. It would be our first dresser we ever shared together since we have been married (which has been over 6 years) but I wasn’t prepared to pay tons of money. I wanted something that looked old but could be freshened up. So the hubs bought me this for my birthday from Craigslist (big surprise?) and we talked the guy down to $50. We sanded this ole’ guy and filled him up with some wood putty and then slapped on some vibrant Coral Gables paint by Sherwin Williams. I just love it and we only spent $80 total and yet He looks completely different. We sprayed the existing hardware with gold metallic spray paint and we were done! Both of these items are huge contributors to the overall style of the room, as well as add to the rooms function. One thing I have learned is that in a smaller home function for everything is a must! After completing the dresser and enjoying every minute of the process, I have now decided to hunt down a new credenza for under the living room TV and transform it with paint as well. I hit up Goodwill today to try and find one with no luck! However, I will be looking over the weekend on Craigslist, so stay tuned for that! What have been your favorite furniture transformations in your home?   

Oh & HAPPY BIRTHDAY Shay bay!!!!


  1. May I ask about the procedure that you used for this dresser make-over? I'd love to try something similar. It makes your home so much more personal - however, I'm nervous to get started. Also, I love your decorating style!!! Did you study somewhere - if so, where? OR, do you have any style influences that you would be willing to share? Thanks so much!


  2. Hey Kim! Thanks again! I want to this project when you're done as well as the lampshade, because this too was easy! ;.) It just took patience and time. I bought an old beat up dresser from craigslist for 50 buckaroos. We puttied any imperfections in the wood since it was being painted and then sanded the heck out of the entire peice of furniture. My husband used a special sanding "sponge" or block (which is course on one side and fine on the other)which can be purchased at Home depot. After a lot of sanding which makes a lot of mess so put a tarp down...we cleaned it up with a cheese cloth and then started to paint. We bought paint and primer in one and only have to do two solid coats. It is very important to give plenty of drying time in between the coats. We gave it a few days just because we were busy with other projects. Then I just sprayed the wooden knobs that came with it leftover gold and then added my own homemade yarn garland. Since the original makeover shown above I lso added this just for fun... so check it out.
    I hope this helps! ;.) As for studying design I have not. I like to look at pictures and create style boards of the things i like and try to make it happen. I like to do it on a budget and with my own twist. I am a huge fan of the eye candy on Pinterest though! I also used to be a professional organizer and I dabbled in home staging ;.) I am so glad you stopped by, welcome to the blog!


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