Monday, April 18, 2011

Anthropologie inspired Easter basket

Hellooooooooooo Monday morning! This past weekend I was inspired after a trip to Anthropologie and seeing this little beauty...
 to create an Easter basket for my lil' one's first Easter with the same "rope-like" fabric. I just loved the texture and color of the fabric they used on the side table. So after a quick trip to the dollar store and $1.06 later I was ready to make it with some leftover miscellaneous fabric I had laying around. Here is a little how to in case you too are so inclined to make something sort of funky to jazz up your Easter morning!

***This is the basket I purchased at the dollar store. It had a great wire frame and shape...I just didn't need the plastic that was wrapped around it. So the first step was to remove the plastic and expose the frame.

***To make the individual "ropes" out of fabric, I started by slitting the fabric with scissors and then ripping it the rest of the way to create a strip, I did this so that it would have some rough edges. I made two strips for each individual "rope-like" piece for the basket. Then I knotted them together at the top of the two strips.   
 ***The next step is to twist the two strips together and then knot it at the end (so both ends of the rope like strip are secured and knotted together). I then wrapped the wire frame of the basket by attaching the strip to it from the inside of the basket (you can secure and knot the "rope" to the wire frame or even to other pieces of fabric, there is no right or wrong way, I made it up as I went). Also just so you know the inside of the basket will look a little crazy and after you knot the strips on, you will need to trim up the ends so they don't stick out the top of the basket. A little while later and you are finished!

This is what will be waiting for our little man on Sunday....Is it funky enough for our Easter morning? I think so! ;.)
By the way don't you just love Pierre the bunny from BlaBla kids? He's my fav new knitted friend! You can see that I chose to use three different fabrics because I loved the colors it created together. It also was because I needed to use up as many remnant pieces of fabric as possible in order to not have to purchase any fabric for the project. You can really run wild with this idea and use any sort of form you want to create any size of basket you want. You could even use an old wire rim from a lamp shade if you wanted it larger. Since this was such a labor of love I might use the basket in his room after Easter since it doesn't scream chocolate candies and plastic eggs! ;.) I hope this was entertaining enough for a Monday morning you crazy readers ;.) If not there is always tomorrow! Haha. I would love to hear about any Easter baskets you created over the years for your kiddos! For now I am off to create a special table scape for Sunday brunch to share with you later in the week!


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