Tuesday, April 19, 2011

As promised....

There were quite a few of you who wanted to know how I made my yarn ball garlands after you last saw them dangling unexpectedly from my shower curtain....

I love these lil' garlands! I love to use them to jazz up a party or table, or to look at everyday...
so I thought I would give you a little Tuesday pick-me-up how to!!!
Here is what you will need***
scissors, yarn, Styrofoam balls (whatever size you prefer), a HUGE upholstery needle, some type of trim or twine to string the balls onto, and push pins that will not poke out if you stick them into your Styrofoam ball.

Step one is to take your yarn and pin it into the center of your ball with a push pin as a starting off point, then you begin to wrap it every which way covering all of the white Styrofoam.

 After you wrap it completely, cut the yarn and then secure it down with two push pins onto the ball like this....
You do this with each individual ball until you make as many as you want on your garland in all sorts of fun colors!!! Let your creativity go wild...you could even mix sizes!

The last step is to string your twine or trim that you want the balls to be on through your upholstery needle. Then you feed the needle through the Styrofoam balls connecting them and making the garland. You can always tie knots in between if you don't want each ball to slip on the twine.
Then you are left with a precious little ball garland. I think it would be awesome to even use them to spruce up an old basket or bucket to use for Easter morning...
So fun right??? I hope this was helpful to those of you who wanted to know how to make these lil' beauties. If you even need a garland and don't feel like making them, contact me because I sell them!
OHHH and in other exciting news....I finally got to go Goodwill Hunting this past weekend (it had been a few weeks...hard to believe, I know) and I found this amazing, old, round leather ottoman/poof...
Isn't he lovely? My picture probably does not do him justice however, get this...he was only $4.24!!!! What a steal! Still smiling about it! Just thought I would share! See you tomorrow!


  1. These are so cute! And what a steal on the ottoman!


  2. Wonderful! I was one of those who asked how to make them, so I really appreciate you sharing! Especially since you do sell them, as well. I plan on making some soon- thank you so much! Again- what a beautiful bathroom!!

  3. No problem Jess! Thanks Holly & I like ur blog :.)

  4. Found you via YHL...love this ottoman! What a steal. And thanks for the how-to!


  5. Ur so welcome Katherine :.) And thanks- I'm so glad someone else likes the ottoman :.)

  6. after seeing yours i knew i had to make some... so i did! here is my link if you wanna see them! http://trueandsimplelove.blogspot.com :)

  7. Amber I am so impressed and excited that it worked out for you. Aren't they fun and cheerful? Get ready cuz you will find all sorts of excuses to make them! I liked how you used a multi color yarn, fun stuff!

  8. I have seen your yellow and pink dresser all over pinterest and blog land. I found your mirror side table on Better After today. I ADORE your style... I want to live in your house(s) and claim it(them) as my own....but in a non-creepy way!
    I'm your newest follower!


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