Friday, April 22, 2011

Building an Easter Table

I am very excited to show you what I have been up to over here at Casa de Schutz! This year I wanted to create a table for Easter that was more nature based, especially since it was so close to Earth Day this year. I also didn't want to spend a lot of money. So, I first thought of what spring time/ Easter meant to me. It makes me think of nests, birds & lil birdie eggs. So I pulled everything from around the house that fit this criteria and then I only had to purchase a few items. I actually only spent $12 total for the entire table, which is including the four layer carrot cake I made & cookies. So here is what it looks like:

The only items I had to purchase (besides supplies for cake and birds nest cookies) were moss from the dollar store for UNO buckaroo and flowers, an entire bouquet of white poms for $4.99. Not too shabby. I understand that those of you don't have all the items I have but you can still use the same concept. Ask yourself what you think of when you think of spring/Easter, see what you have that translates into your vision and take it from there. I took sticks from our backyard (totally free thanks Mama Earth) and sprayed them with a little left over gold spray paint from our bedroom makeover ;.) This is something everyone can easily do. I used some vintage drinking glasses to hold the flowers and used some straws and paper I had to make little flag poles to stick into my mini cakes. (I only made the mini-cakes because I had leftover carrot cake batter...I actually doubled the carrot cake recipe in order to make four tiers for the larger cake.)  I chose to layer the plates with different patterns and use the little birds nest cookies from this post, to be place holders. I just stuck a toothpick in it (when waiting for the cookies to harden) with a paper flag name tag. Such a simple detail ;.) This is how I built the table in layers:

One of my favorite things is the carrot cake topper I made. It was super easy! I used a plastic lid I had in the cabinet and some of the moss I purchased at the dollar store. I hot glued the moss to the top of the lid and then trimmed the moss so it wouldn't hang down and over the lid ( I didn't really want the moss to touch the cake) I used a few Robin's eggs I already had and then just stuck the lil' beauty on top of the cake. So fun & totally simple and cheap-o!!!

This table totally puts us in the mood to have a Hoppy Easter (sorry I couldn't resist) for our little one's first Easter ever! I hope you can take away some ideas from my crazy table! I wish you and your families a very Happy Easter! See you Monday...something sort of awesome happening next week, stay tuned!


  1. It looks beautiful as always!

  2. Thanks so much girl! We are working on making ur ad a link to your shop! Yay! :.)

  3. Love how you spray painted the branches! Clever!

  4. Thanks girlie ;.) It was super cheap cuz the paint was leftover and the branches were a gift from nature ;.) so they were FREE ;.)

  5. I love your nature-inspired easter table. I'll have to keep some of those ideas in mind for next year.

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