Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A day of rest...I think not!

Hey everyone! I'm taking a day to help the Hubs finish all of the projects that must be completed before this weekends potential renter walk throughs! We are super exhausted but excited that everything is getting finished! Speaking of finished the bathroom makeover is done!!!! (Refraining from the "sticking a fork in it" reference ;.)  I am really proud of what we accomplished is such a small space. So stay tuned for my reveal...where the bano and I cannot wait to 'show ya what we're working with'!!! Until then meet our new lil bathroom friend! I shall call him Wally! He is the perfect little vase for the space! But get this he was actually A SOAP DISPENSER! I got him at Target for CheapO and all I did was remove the spout and add some flowers in his blow hole! Fun huh? I love that he wasn't meant to hold flowers but in our house he shall! It's all about re-purposing! What have you re-purposed lately? Until next time be thinking about me!  I will most likely be up to my elbows in paint, dust, putty, boxes, and floor cleaner ;.)


I love to hear your thoughts lovelies! Comment away!


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