Monday, April 25, 2011

Extending that Easter feelin'

Howdy everyone! Hope you had an awesome weekend with your families! I am not going to lie, not much went on decorative wise over here at Casa de Schutz, but  I did a little decor re-arrangement, if that counts. However, most of my time was spent with these handsome young men ;.) Olly & the Hubs...please allow me a moment to be mama proud and bare with me ;.)

Thanks! Now that I got that out of my system let me share with you a little dining room "jazz up" moment I created this weekend! I got to thinking after Easter brunch was over, that the table had to be cleared for practicality reasons, however, I was not ready to stop enjoying some of my spring decor and fresh Poms. So I decided to move some of the table decor over to this little baby to enjoy it a little longer...
The only thing missing was the moss and my golden sticks! What was added did bring a bit more life over to the hutch! Yay for inexpensive and easy decor! Now I am off to think about what I will create with my leftover golden sticks and be thankful that I found a way to enjoy my flowers and birds for a little while longer....


I love to hear your thoughts lovelies! Comment away!


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