Friday, April 15, 2011

Feeling progress pride!

Yay we all made it to Friday! To me this means family time this weekend, getting to "sleep-in" while the Hubs wakes up with the little man, maybe a picnic and some more potential house renter walk-throughs! We also are going to be working a little bit more on this little beauty.....well she's not so beautiful yet she is like the ugly duckling...just you wait til' next week when she becomes the swan! I will be posting a how to on this ottoman next week when it is complete ;.) Here is a sneak peek...don't judge her on first glance ;.)
...a little paint on her legs and once we get her dressed and she will look as good as new!
Also in other news my flowers are dying from last Friday....
It makes me a little sad to have to say goodbye to these gorgeous gals! This round of potential renters that come to the house just don't know what they're missing without  fresh flowers ;.) That's okay...maybe I will just carry this guy around
and they will automatically want to live here! Wishful thinking? haha. This was Olly on a family walk one night this week! We finally are getting spring wooo whooo! Get excited for next week! We got some fun things ready at Casa de Schutz...Easter projects, a requested yarn ball tutorial, the finished ottoman and even more to blow your mind...okay maybe not blow your mind maybe just occupy it but it's all the same ;.)  I'm excited just thinking about it! Can't wait to see you next week! Til then I want some chocolate and an ice tea so excuse me...I must oblige myself ;.)


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