Thursday, April 21, 2011

A few Easter ideas from Casa de Schutz

Last year we had some friends over for Easter since all of our family lives in Texas, so I decided to decorate the table! Like I really need a reason to decorate the table...haha ;.) I came up with these whimsical little flowers that I spread all down the center of the table. I made them out of plastic Easter eggs (that I filled with little chocolates of course) and cupcake wrappers. I simply sandwiched the fun patterned cupcake papers inbetween the plastic egg and cut slits in them to make the petals. Sounds sort of crazy, so I hope this image helps explain it better.

They were a great centerpiece because I only had to pay for plastic eggs so the cost was low and the guests were able to take one home with them at the end of our dinner, who doesn't want a chocolaty treat for later? I also tried to make it feel whimsical & fun by using bright flowers in glass Ball Jars that I already had, it made it feel Sunday casual and not too stuffy. I like it when we have dinner with our friends for it to feel real homey, somewhere we can break bread together and share fun stories over delicious food. The star of the show that evening was this awesome Lemon Meringue tart (my first one ever....Go me! ;.) It is Ina Garten's recipe and it was amazingly yummy! A little shout out & special thanks to the Barefoot Contessa ;.) 

It was such a fun evening and the table felt so cheerful and springish. Like I said before, this was last years table. This year I am trying to do a more nature inspired table scape! Tomorrow I will be sharing it with you. I am super excited about it! However, I wanted to share these few ideas with you so that you might be inspired to create a whimsical table this year or if anything else to just give you a little piece of eye pie and have you salivating for a Lemon Meringue tart ;.) Happy Thursday! See ya' tomorrow!

**please excuse the quality of the pictures, it was not the best camera ;.)

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