Thursday, April 14, 2011

Making a fun yet modern room for your mini-me ;.) 5 helpful tips!

After finding out we were having a lil' one I was SUPER excited about all aspects of having a bambino....but I must say that the idea of decorating a room was icing on the delicious cake ;.) I was counting down the days to find out whether or not we were going to have a mini-tutu running around or cars and trucks to step over so that I could decorate their room! After finding out our little Oliver Tate was coming to join our family I had to figure out how to make a boys room fun for him, yet modern and sophisticated for me (lets be honest, at this age the room is more for us adults to enjoy). So I started going the non-traditional baby route. Here are a few tips to making your baby's nursery or any child room fun for everyone but still chic!

*1. Remember for a kids room you can always go outside the box with color and pattern. I just made sure to pic patterns that I liked and that weren't age identifying. For example, I opted for a polka dot sheet which is whimsy and fun Anthropologie pillows....and I didn't chose little trains, boats, or cars...I tried not to pick something that would scream little boy even though some of those patterns are super cute!

*2. I concentrated on an eye catching light! I found this one from and we love it so much. It adds a little sparkle and mimics his wall yet is something I could use in any other room of the house. We liked some that were $400 and $500 but this was more wallet friendly!

*3. I struggled with a rocker. I don't know why they make some of them so bulky and unattractive, yet they are big budget busters! In his small room we didn't even have room for a rocker from a big box store. So I went the modern route of finding an "Eames-esk" rocker from this amazing store in Baltimore, Trohv! (check them out) With the price of $150 I was super happy with it's scale and it is actually really comfortable.

*4. I felt like art held such importance in all of the rest of the rooms of the house and so his room should have something substantial as well. We toyed around with this image (shot at Trohv and brought home to hold up to his wall)
we were on target but it just wasn't quite right, we needed more color...Trohv helped us to find another option for his room and ordered it for us. BTW always check small shops to price match. This exact print is at Zgallerie and they had it cheaper at Trohv. We ended up with this:

*5. The last tip I can offer is being prepared for that baby/child know the one that whips through uncovering all of their stuff? Find a preemptive plan to put it all away so that when you are bombarded you can direct it where to go and have it not take center stage in your beautiful room! We put wipes and diapers in his drawers...we hung blankets inside his closet (with the help of a fun frog prince). we had special vintage looking baskets to house his toys and used a mantel to display some special little Olly moments.

These small tips were life savers for us to create a fun room for Olly as well as one we liked to look at! To get more great nursery ideas check out this website, she does amazing mood boards for the wee ones! ;.) What tips did you have for integrating your child's style into your home?


  1. Just read thru your blog after hopping over from Better-After (sshhh, don't tell - I'm suppose to be working!) You have a great eye for design!! Were you involved in design pre-baby? I'm really impressed. Can't wait to see what you do in San Fran.

  2. Thank you so much Nikki! Welcome to the blog! Thanks so much for the compliment! I have always loved design! Pre-baby I had my own professional organizing company and I dabbled in home staging for real estate! After people always telling me I had good ideas I thought a blog would be a great outlet for that! SO wooo whooo! Join this crazy ride with me and my family and let's see what crazy things we can come up with ;.)


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