Friday, April 1, 2011

Mini bathroom sneak peek

Happy Friday peeps! Here is to a good weekend! We will be working like busy little bees over here at the Schutz house because we start showing it to potential renters next weekend. With many areas left to conquer I didn't have too much time for a real special post I thought it would be fun to show you a bathroom sneak peek and here it is...
I hope it all comes together the way that I see it in my head! Does that chandelier look familiar? It was in the bedroom but it was screaming to be moved to the bathroom and boy does it look beautiful there. We decided to tame down the bedroom a little with a fan to appeal to male potential renters as well as females ;.) But who doesn't like a little glam in the bano? I do! The print which I think is to die for is from an AMAZING Esty artist, kikiandpolly check out her amazing work here... they are affordable, and gorgeous! This one was called Pink Day and I am absolutely in love with it! The towel & vase (which I have posted before) are both from Anthropologie. The perfect yellow accents if I do say so myself! Well, the yarn balls are just fun and I can't help but make them! I pulled the colors from the Pink Day print. Would anyone out there ever be interested in a yarn ball garland DIY, just curious if I am the only one who loves those charming lil dolls as part of my homes decor?
 So this is sort of the vibe of the room...I know it looks like a mishmash of things rights now but we shall see if they all compliment each other soon enough! I hope you guys had a great week and get out there and do something fun fun fun this weekend! Adios until Monday!


  1. Yes, please share a yarn ball garland tutorial.

  2. Stay tuned next week I will have a how to up! Just in time for any Easter holdiday table decorating...everything is more fun and festive with yarn balls hahah! I also sell them if any body wants a custom order ;.)


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