Monday, April 4, 2011

Organize all of the inspiration chaos!

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was better than ever! I thought today I would pass along a little tip for all you DIYer's out there or decor enthusiasts such as myself! I would consider myself a home decor magazine addict! However, the non-clutter bug side of me will not allow myself to keep my hoards of magazines piled up all around me! (Probably good to know that I have some self control, otherwise the Hubs and I would be making our way to rooms through magazine wall piles!) So I learned a long time ago to tear out the pictures I love the most; the ones with the best ideas and offering the most inspiration and keep it in a notebook organized by section. There is nothing worse than seeing something you love and having to later go through tons of magazines to try and find it again! When I organize it through sections I eliminate this problem. What types of sections do I have? Well, I have a dream closet section, perfect front porches, luxurious bedrooms, fun color inspiration, landscaping etc etc. I find that this allows my brain to keep an inventory of what I love and the ideas sort of float around in my subconscious helping me to decorate my house. That way I have only one notebook and I can then recycle the rest of the magazines...or I could always just make a cool project out of them like this **Christmas project out of season alert (haha)! Recently, I have also started a folder on the desktop of my computer for inspiration of rooms or for items I find online. I place pictures or websites I have found with everything from party ideas, weekend entertaining, chair fabric, craigslist wants etc. I find that this makes it a lot easier for me to sift through it periodically and just delete it if I am not in love with the idea any more or have already done it! Here are some of my most recent color inspiration ideas I saved to my computer folder....
 Check out that pink wall with mustard yellow accents! I LOVE it! However, I will not be painting any walls pink anytime soon, so i figure I can use this inspiration for a flower bouquet, bedding, or art. And check out that chalkboard wall behind the headboard! I think it is so unique and smart! I can imagine writing have a nice day or I love you on it to start the day off right for the Hubs! I hope some of these pictures make it into your desktop inspiration folder ;.) The chalkboard has inspired me to work on something special in our basement! Will upload photos later this week! Where do you find inspiration and what are your tricks for storing it to refer back to?


I love to hear your thoughts lovelies! Comment away!


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