Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This is for all my mommas

Bare with me for those of you who don't have children, but I am struggling with something. One challenge for old Courtney, presented by new Mommy Courtney is the "style" of a lot of baby items that have come into our lives. We have worked really hard at not letting Olly's gear take over our home and try to blend them into our homes existing style. I know it may sound mean, but there are  a lot of items for baby that we did not buy. For example, we do not have a swing, a Bumbo seat or even a stroller/baby car seat combo. We opted for playtime, old fashion practicing sitting up, and a small stroller that is super light and easy to move around. I am not going to lie, it also helps to cut the cost of having a new baby when you do it this way, but whatever way makes you feel right in your home is the best for you ;.). It just seems that everything seems to be a primary color or have some sweet little stitched lamb on it. They are often cute, however, they just stick out like a sore thumb in my house. So now that the highchair stage has come about I had to figure out what I could possibly find that wouldn't scream baby and take up so much space, yet function well for my little man. My first idea was to get a vintage wooden highchair and paint it chinchilla grey to match my hutch in the dining room. Much like this one I found on Etsy...
So cute right? But then I thought about my little man and how active he is and I became worried that he would be able to tip the highchair over if I left him in it. For example, I wanted to be able to stick him in it while I was cooking in the kitchen and let him play with some toys on it. So when that was ruled out I had no other good ideas to reference. When we would look at the store everything seemed so bulky...they advertised dishwasher safe trays yet the trays were the size of my dishwasher, so I grew frustrated....and then I stumbled upon this beauty one day...a Boon Flair highchair. We went this past weekend to the store to try this ol' boy out in person and I feel in love, and Mr. Oliver seemed to like it too. *Disclaimer, I am about to sound like an infomercial.
This guy is awesome. He has a pneumatic lift that I push with my foot to adjust it to lots of different height's, he rolls around but also has breaks for those need to stop moments, his tray is small and easily fits in the even has a slip off liner that is even smaller for light messes!

It is just the epitome of awesomeness! It was sort of pricey coming in at $229 however with my coupon I got it for 25% off which brought it down to the amount of all the ones I see at Target and BabiesRus! Another plus for me is that it can slide in at the end of my table and be at our height and look just like its another white chair at the end of the table (which helps to hide its daily appearance). But seriously one of the coolest things is that 10% of all profits go to children's charities. Now that is something I will throw my money at...woo whooo! So I just wanted to share the frustration of the style of baby garb and share my excitement for my newest baby gadget...I would LOVE to hear creative ways you disguise your baby gear parade and claim your house back after having  kiddos!


I love to hear your thoughts lovelies! Comment away!


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