Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Throwing the book at ya' ;.)

Our little man is acquiring a lot of books lately. Especially since a local bookstore is going out of business and the Easter bunny visited. They currently reside between these mighty fine stallions...

but it is getting a little out of control these days...so we've decided no more horsing around ;.) When we get to California we need to have a plan for these wordy babies and shelf them up somwhere! SO I have been hunting for bookcase ideas. I need something practical and not a small child hazard, yet it has to feel whimsical like his room and fit into the vibe of our lil' homes decor. Here are some of the leading bookcase ladies in my life these days...

I love all the raw wood, however I worry about his little hands getting splinterd. Yet, looking at them gives me creative mojo to try and figure something unique out. Wish my brain cells good luck on this one!


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