Monday, April 11, 2011

A weekend of "Firsts"

This weekend was the first time I ever worried that my husband wouldn't get paid, thank goodness for a last minute agreement and the government not getting shutdown!!! Whew, that was close I am so thankful! It was also the first time in nearly five years that we did not do any home improvement projects. It felt very strange but we enjoyed every minute of it! It was also the first time I have ever had to show my home to potential renters. It was the first time I was a mommy to a sixth month old and it was the first time I got back into running since having body still hurts ;.) It was an exciting weekend to have all of these firsts! **Also with my desire to save money all the time wherever I can, I was easily motivated  this past week by the Extreme couponing show. So I went to the grocery store armed with coupons and a plan and utterly failed ;.) Wegman's 1 Courtney 0. Side note: It is really hard for me to stay focused and stick to the list! oops! But nonetheless, the grocery shopping got done, the house stayed sparkly and we got some much needed family time. It refreshed me and now I am ready to conquer another week! This week I am working on two projects, a special Easter project for the lil' man out of an old lampshade, as well as a new piece of furniture made out of this...
Vintage Blossom in Citrine by Dwell

So Stay tuned!


  1. I love your blog! We also live in a rowhome in Baltimore! I love your decorating style and ideas on how to maximize space in a small area.

  2. Thanks so much Jessica! It has taken some getting used to for us because we are both from Texas where homes have lots of space! We keep trying to be creative :.) let me know if you know anyone who wants to live in the Charles village area we are trying to rent this old gal out :.) welcome to the blog!

  3. Haha that is crazy because we are from Arkansas where houses and land are 3x what they are in Maryland. We just moved here a year ago and are still trying to adjust to the space difference! I love your tips for children's room and decorating!

  4. Thanks Jessica! And welcome to Baltimore! We have been here for five years and cannot wait to come back! If you want to know anywhere fun or fabulous to go in the city let me know! FIRST stop needs to Be Trohv in Hampden! Tell them my blog sent you ;.) Ohhh and while you're in Hampden go to Avenue antiques and get a cookie from Common Ground (an everything cookie) they're amazing!


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