Thursday, May 19, 2011

4 things I know today....and that's about it for this tired gal haha

*I am currently crushing on these etsy prints & I need them for my new home in Cali or maybe a future DIY?
** I also think it's important to name one thing each week I am going to miss about our current home....this week I figured out I am going to miss our exposed brick wall the most ;.)

*** The third thing I know today is that this big beauty needs a new anyone who knows of a good place let me know...selling on Craigslist hasn't worked on this one
The old dining room wall pre-stencil....funny huh?
****And the last thing I know today is that I am super excited to be working on a crafty lil' project today that I cannot wait to share with you all tomorrow! I hope you all have a fantastic Thursday!!!!


  1. I am interested in the bird wall art. How much are you asking for it? Thanks!

  2. Hey ladies sorry to just get back with you I have been a busy lil bee ;.) $175 is what I'm asking...I know it seems a little steep but it is such a HUGE print & we bought it a little over a year ago for $500. ;.) Let me know if you or anyone else is interested and I will look into shipping possibilities ;.)

  3. You are so creative, I love everything about your blog! And that print is amazing too! How big is it?

  4. I would be very interested in the artwork. I live in Boston so shipping would be needed. If you have not sold it yet you can always reach me at hefron04 at verizon dot net.

    Dawn Marie

  5. Linz & dawn I believe the painting is around 42x42 Or 48x48 I will try and get it measured. Dawn I am happy to look into shipping to Boston if u would like for me to :.)


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