Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Finding storage in a small space...Bmore style ;.)

First let me shout out to all of you visiting Nest Design Studio readers! Welcome to this crazy blog ;.) Make yourself at home & stay a while ;.)

Now on to some organization business! A lot of you have emailed me about how I find room for storage in a row home. Why? Because, row homes = super small spaces. My house is only 14 feet wide people ;.) crazy, right? So I was determined when we moved into this old gal that I would squeeze as much function out of her as possible. So this is how we did it ;.)

*helpful tip numero uno...create as many built In's whenever possible! We carved out an extra little storage space when going down into the basement. It seemed like such a waste before & now it acts as a place for me to store extra toilet paper, paper towels, water, etc....

*tip numero dos....always think outside the box ;.) I like to look for containers that not only look pretty but can store every day used items. For example...I like to store baby formula in this...
or bath salts in this....(Instead of having these items take up space under the sink or in the "pantry")...
*Helpful tip number 3... Make sure every piece of furniture serves a purpose. In our home, I used the hutch in the dining room to store vases,  China & cookbooks...
And my kitchen island helps to store my every day plates & bowls etc...which frees up more space in my kitchen cabinets. WOOO WHOOO! Can I get an Amen for extra cabinet space??? Amen.

* My last tip is;.) ... Always finding a way to work with what you got...for example, I wanted to be able to have access to my cleaning supplies easily without knocking everything down every time I reached in the back to grab something. So I installed these pull out wire shelf/drawers. They were only $8 and make the space underneath the kitchen sink so much more accessible.
Yet...tuck everything nicely away when not is use ;.)

Look at it this way, finding storage in small space is like a puzzle. Just as rewarding but not quite as fun haha! I try to be clever when going about a plan and I am always looking for ideas & storing them in the good ol' memory bank. So I hope this post was functional and helped all of you who were wondering where I hid all my stuff ;.) Ohhh believe me it's there people, it's there...just hiding & that's the way I like it! ;.)  
So that is it today my peeps. Not the most exciting post in the world but I just wanted to share some of my small space storage tips for those of you who wanted to know how to solve some of these problems.  I want to hear all about your storage solutions as well, so tell me ;.) See ya tomorrow!  


  1. love good storage ideas - you have really utilized your space in a great way!

  2. I LOVE your blog!! great storage tips!

  3. I am an organization freak, I tell ya. Love these tips.

  4. Thanks ladies ;.) I hope some of them were a little helpful. A few years ago I actually had my own Professional Organzing business. I miss it a little but so thankful I am still able to help people through the blog ;.)

  5. Oh my gosh, I can't believe I didn't think of putting formula in a pretty canister. I HATE the giant formula cans being out, but I use it too often to put it in a cabinet or something every time. Thanks SOO much for the tip!!

  6. Just don't let anyone think it's powdered sugar or something else haha, oops haha! I'm so glad I could help :.)

  7. Your cabinet is gorgeous! I love your vintage collection.

  8. Can I ask where you got that golden birdie? I just looooove it!! I'm uber-obsessed with gold and would love to buy/make something similar. My email is susan.a.lentz(at)gmail(dot)com.


  9. Simply lovely and practical tips. It's true that sometimes, these storing needs are overlooked and we just need a little reminding. Your suggestions can be more appreciated and understood through your photos. Thanks for sharing!

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