Friday, May 20, 2011

Giftin' it up in style....

With graduation & summer wedding season coming up I thought it might be fun to jazz up a few packages...& give you guys some ideas on how to make gift giving a little extra special this year ;.)
I have been working on wrapping a graduation gift for a fantastic graduate & bundling up some goodies for a cute couple getting ready to tie the knot....

I decide to make a gift basket for the fancy couple...;.) & customize the card & tags. * The most important tip when giving a gift basket (in my opinion) is a good container. A container sets the entire mood of what sort of items they will find inside...I decided to go organic chic with burlap haha. I really loved the texture of the natural fibers & I love how balanced it looked with silk ribbon roses, (which I used for a decorative tag). It gave just the right touch of His & Her.

Isn't it fun? It's a first post-married dinner party kit ;.) Modern cocktail glasses, whimsical straws, Pinstripe linen napkins, recipe books (for dip & cocktails woo whoo) & "tooth picks" which is an AMAZING find for these crazy dentists ;.) Everything you need for the perfect night of entertaining...To make the custom tags I just bought a "chalkboard" tag at the craft store & chalked er' up with their initials & wedding date...I made the flower tag with good ole' ribbon roses glued on with glue dots onto a plain white tag that I just trimmed to size. Both were strung on with a jute piece of twine & looks total fab for a perfect balance of masculine & over the tops bells or glitter on this wedding gift..however, I do LOVE me some glitter ;.)
 The card is one of my favorite little "details" of this gift. I purchased two spools of 99 cent ribbon. One says Mr. & Mrs. & the other one has the initial of her future last name. Together I thought they made a simple congratulations card extra special & full of Courtney love.

The next gift I worked on was wrapping a graduation gift for my best friend who is graduating from dental school today. She is so amazing & I am so very proud of her, so I just had to have that reflect in the goodies I gave her. I wanted to wrap it with printed paper & unique ribbon in order for it to scream "I'm too pretty to open....but open me anyway" haha. SO here it goes.....
* sorry some of the picture are blurry, lighting was horrible ;.)

I purchased bird paper because let's face it, who doesn't love them some birdies? I also stuck scalloped ribbon on top of some clearance Martha Stewart ribbon (such great quality) with glue dots. If you notice there is no sign of scotch tape around this present...that's because * I LOVE using glue dots to stick the paper under each fold so that I don't have to use scotch tape & lose the essence of the special package I am trying to create. The Hubs also helped me to make pom pom's out of coordinating yarn which brings the perfect touch of whimsy. My favorite part of the entire thing is the contrast of colors. I chose bright pinks & corals to bounce off the teal. It is just so cheery, just like she is.

Forgot how to make pom poms or ribbon roses? No HERE for pom pom DIY & click HERE for Ribbon worries, I got ur back! ;.)

So I hope this was a fun & helpful Friday post to set you into your weekend with ideas ;.) I will see you back here on Monday! Until then I have a graduation to attend ;.)


  1. Cute! Love the "tooth picks!" How perfect! Where do you find those cute straws?

  2. soo cute! I love both of them!!!

  3. I love both of the gifts and wrapping!! You are so creative and have the best style :) XO

  4. Thanks so much :.) the toothpicks were another Trohv find :.) but look online at hope it helps :.)

  5. The straws are also from Trohv....;.) But you can do a search online for stripped paper straws because there are lots of color options ;.)

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