Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I got that garden party feelin'......

The other day I came across this little beauty from BHLDN (which is Anthropologie's wedding website, which is AHHHMazing!)
You can find the details on this precious vintage treat pedestal here.... I, however, could not imagine spending $78 on it to only use it a few times during the year, as beautiful as it is. So I decided to make my own version of a vintage treat pedestal using my own plates & sorbet dishes I had laying around.
I felt like it gave me the same look for a lot less. If you want it to be permanent you can use some epoxy from Home depot to glue the sorbet glass to the bottom of the plate, which means you for sure need to hand wash it after each use. I didn't want to make it permanent because I use these particular plates for a lot of different things (not just as a treat stand) & I was also afraid of moving it to California and having it break a long the way. So I opted to get the look without the epoxy and it still put a smile on this gals face! These little cheerful babies made me want to host a garden party...but since I am lacking a garden numero uno & will not be here long enough to host a party numero dos, I figured I would play around with it just for fun in the dining room. It was a fun way to spend my Monday afternoon. So I wanted to share the end product with you all, hopefully to inspire you to make all sorts of fantastic treat stands ;.)

Doesn't it feel sort of special? I just combined these little homemade pedestals with a few fresh mini hydrangeas, tulips & some little birds & candles I had laying around to make the table feel light and cozy. ** one idea I had while setting the table was to stack a few different pedestals together to create a tiered effect. I keep imagining some little tea sandwiches or scones on top of them, if only the baking fairy had stopped by today to deliver some goodies;.) So there it is...an afternoon well spent...helping me to procrastinate packing and stealing me away from the lure of the nap sirens ;.) I hope you all got an idea or two from my impromptu table, or were at least introduced to the wonderful world of BHLDN. I would love to hear any ideas for a table you might have or something you would like to see in the future ;.) See ya tomorrow!


  1. Very nice! They're absolutely beautiful. Your blog is very inspirational. I'm happy to be your newest follower :)

  2. As usually, very stylish but in a cosy, creative and friendly way rather then cold, uber chic verging on bland way.

    Still want the gold bird, searched high and low but couldn't find anything similar in the UK that I ould spray paint. Now just as I'm getting over it....I see the clear blue glass bird!! I want! I'm going to move to the US. Between you and YHL I've decided the products here just aren't as good. Cute pom poms yesterday, going to be a project for the kids during holidays.

  3. You're moving to California?!

  4. I'm obsessed with BHLDN. STumbled upon it a few days ago. LOVE IT!

  5. Thanks Cassie! WELCOME to the blog, I am so glad u came to visit us crazy peeps....

    Yes, we are moving to San Fran within the next few weeks. It was not part of the big plan but we are rolling with it and seeing where it takes us. Kind of exciting even though we will miss our lovely Bmore and hope to come back soon. As of right now we will only be gone a year. ;.)

    Amanda, I am with ya girl. I wish they exsisted when I was getting married seven years ago ;.)

    FROM LONDON ;.) I have something exciting for you!!!! I talked to the store In watermelon suagr who sells those birds and they are willing to ship one to the UK to you if you call them & are willing to pay for shipping on top of the bird. They don't normally do this per say, but they were willing to make this blog gal happy so I could give it to us as an option ;.) I hope you are as excited as I was after I got off the phone. The us dollars price is $39 for the bird plus tax & shipping. You can call and do a credit card over the phone if you wish. SOrry not to email this to you, but I didn't have your email ;.) the number is 1-410-662-9090. I am not sure if it is worth it to you, but I totally wanted to give you the option if your heart was really set on it. Just ask for one of their paper mache' type birds in the window. You can have them reference my blog as well if need be ;.) REMEMBER mine came in green and I sprayed it gold ;.) Hope this helps!

  6. I really love your home, are you going to keep it when you move?

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