Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lookin' a lil' shady oldtimer!

There once was an old lampshade...
whom had seen better days. 
His stains were wrapped around his rim,
 so ugly his glow was hazed...
A helper decided to make him shine,
a new color would do the trick...
A cut piece of leftover fabric they used,
measured for a custom fit.

hahah. I couldn't resist a little lamp shade rhyme to start the day off right! ;.) Today's DIY was free for me, but if you need to purchase supplies you will need
*1 can of spray adhesive
*remnant fabric
*hot glue gun
*embellishments that tickle your fancy ;.)
(1 old needin' some help lamp shade)

I started this project as a way to fix an older shade I had laying around. It was stained around the rim in a few places and I was ready to use it again & pair it with an $8 Goodwill lamp base I found. In order to cover the stains I knew I would need to change the fabric. I went into the craft closet, found some pink linen fabric and got a gluein' is how I did it.

I measured the shade and cut fabric large enough to cover the shade as well as a little extra about an inch on each side to fold onto the inside of the shade. DON'T forget to iron your fabric before gluing it. I sprayed adhesive and went around the existing fabric of the shade & covered it with the new fabric. Spray smooth fabric, spray & smooth...all the way around. You then fold the fabric and hot glue on the inside of the shade ***make sure if you use hot glue that your shade sits far enough away from the bulb as not to disturb the glue when it's turned on. ;.) No one wants drippy shade disease, haha. Then it is time to fancy er' up.....& add a little pizazz! *Jazz hands of the lampshade world if you will ;.) This will help to explain...

I ended up embellishing with a little trim that I just hot glued all the way around the bottom of the shade. But I tried overlaying lace on the top, as well as using some ribbon roses. I felt that the trim was just the right amount of bling Mr. Shade needed to make him ready for his new coming out party ;.)

 This is his new little outfit....I love a man who can wear pink, and he wears it well!
It now gives off such a warm glow. The only thing I wasn't too sure about was if I wanted to leave the base brass.....
....and I didn't..

I am anxious to introduce them to each other....they should look good together. So there is today's DIY...I hope it was everything your heart desired, or if not, at least, a way to help you procrastinate from work for a few minutes. It just shows you that you should never turn your back on an older shade with good bones, it can always be brought back to life, which helps you keep an old friend around & save money too!



  1. Pretty!! I love fun, quick, diy projects :) The lamp turned out great :)

  2. quick question: what did you do to prep the brass to spray paint it? I spray painted one and the paint ran...

  3. I actually didnt prep it cuz I'm crazy haha. I just used rustoleum paint that is made to cover plastic, metal, wood etc.... And lightly dusted it with 5 different coats.... That's really the key is doing lots of very light coats.... Hope this helps :.)


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