Wednesday, May 4, 2011

make yo motha eat this Mother's day!

With my very first Mother's day approaching, I have been thinking a lot about my own precious mama! I had an idea for a delicious way to honor her this Mother's day & I thought I might pass it along in case you're looking for a last minute gift. Baking is one of my favorite things to do for gifts because it is thoughtful, versatile, as well as easy on the budget ;.) after all can't we all stand to hold on to more of our buckaroos?  Let me introduce you to these lil babies of flaky goodness and you tell me if you wouldn't want to be indulged with their sugary selves!
 Because I'm thinking that anything with butter, blueberries, sugar & dough you can go ahead and sign me up, I am totally there ;.) After scouring the Internet for delicious recipes the other day, I stumbled across this one from Martha Stewart for Blueberry Buttermilk Scones. Feel free to download this recipe, you know you want to ;.)  I thought that honoring my mom with a yummy treat would show her just how much I love her;.) So I spent the day with my sleeves rolled up, the sun pouring through the kitchen window, all the while drooling over these blueberry babies.  
I totally think this occasion called for a little wardrobe tweak, I think it's important to be a baking beauty in the kitchen;.) Armed with my dainty apron and my ear bling, I was ready to whip up some edible love for my lil mama! I was shocked at how simple this recipe was overall and I truly wanted to kick myself for not trying to make scones before now. Darn you Mr. Intimidation, get outta here ;.) Here are a few photos I snapped during the process...I warn you this may make you want to jump up and find some sort of pastry to eat!   

Now if I told you that I didn't taste any of these warm puppies fresh out of the oven would you even believe me? Well you totally shouldn't... cuz I did, and I have no regrets. I mean what is the point of baking if you can't taste it? Too crazy for my brain to wrap around that thought I tell ya'!
Now since this isn't a baking blog and you don't really come here for that, and you're totally humoring me by even reading down this far, I figured I would show ya how you could give a homemade baked gift like this to someone, or in my case mi crazy madre. I was thinking you could either host a brunch in her honor and place them on special plate or cake stand or you could wrap them up and tuck them inside of a little box of yuminess to bring to her. Love on the go as you will.... 

 Both options as equally as sweet and both so simple to do. To package them I chose to use brown parchment paper and fun twine...I also printed out the recipe onto a brown paper bag I used as paper. How is that for recycling? Also a tip is to visit to download some awesome fonts to use in order to jazz the recipe up and make it funky, I did! I thought they looked so cute individually wrapped and it makes them easier to eat without making a mess. I was really proud of how amazing they tasted and that I would be able to give something that took my time and thought. The other bonus besides my ego ;.) was that it made the entire house smell amazing. It sort of put us in a scone trance over here at casa de Schutz ;.) Enough blabbering from me, I hope that maybe this inspires you to go homemade this year, or is anything else to go eat a scone! Let me know if you like the recipe ;.)


  1. ooh so yummy! i just found your blog yesterday - and immediately fell in love. do you know what dafont font you used? pretty pretty!

  2. Thanks so much Blair I wish I could send u a virtual scone :.) the font I used was never let go it's totally my fav... I'm also in luv with charlies hand for when I want to make a tag for something :.) hope that helps!!!

  3. Courtney, These look AMAZING! I just hope that you didn't bake these after we saw you at JJ lastnight???!!!??? Thanks for coming in the store and dressing Oliver in the very best! We all wish you all a safe move to CA.
    ~Katie from JJ

  4. Thanks Katie! So glad you stopped by ;.) Next time I have any baking leftovers I will bring you some hahah ;.) No worries I didnt bake them last night hahah! BTW I totally ordeded Olly the new American collection hat today with matching pants. I am so excited I cannot wait til' it arrives! Thanks again, I hope you keep checking in with us!

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