Monday, May 16, 2011

Mr. Toad's wild ride....

So you all know about our quest for the perfect renter for our crazy casa ;.) but deep into this process the Hubs & I started to feel like being landlords just wasn't right for us. We started to worry about how it would affect our life in California once we move. I didn't want to be in fear of something breaking and being responsible for fixing it 3000 miles away, or worry how someone was taking care of the house we spent so many hours loving on....  so we made a crazy and hard decision, we decided to put our much loved house up for sale, it is time for someone else to make friends with this old gal as we move on to our future together and seek out new projects for ourselves.....
It took us a few days to wrap our heads around this new decision and to come up with a plan. We will actually be leaving here in three very short weeks ;.) Total lunacy right? haha. I have faith it will all work out, I feel good about letting someone else make memories within these walls and I am super excited about sharing a journey in some new digs with all of you lovely peeps!

So as the sign went up today there were a few sad moments but then I see my handsome little man smile at me and realize that he is what life is all about, this is just a house. ;.) So wish us luck as the house showings start, the boxes come out and get ready to be packed, and we search for where our life leads us next. I just couldn't wait to share our news with you guys, sorry to lay it on so heavy for a Monday ;.) I hope you have an awesome start to a new week & I will see ya' tomorrow ;.)


  1. I know this must have been a very bittersweet decision-but just think of how happy you all will make someone when they arrive at their new beautiful home! Selfishly I am so excited for your adventure to CA so that I can see all of your new projects in a new home! Wishing you luck and a smooth move! Found your blog through YHL and LOVE your style!!!

  2. I love this decision. WAY less stressful. Congrats, you three.

  3. Always a tough decision to leave your home for an almost new life! We are originally from Pittsburgh, PA and moved out here to California just about 3 years ago, for work! It has been an adjustment, but I wouldn't have changed it! Good luck with everything!

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  4. Thanks ladies ;.) I love the support & encouragment. It wasn't easy but we know it is the right thing for our family. I look forward to sharing this journey with you all!


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