Friday, May 27, 2011

On the road again....

I found this image on pinterest and it's simplicity spoke to me ;.) I hope you all have an amazing holiday weekend. We are headed back on the road...on the road to Baltimore to pack up our life. Hopefully stopping to indulge in a little fun a long the way! Happy Friday to my favorite peeps!

  *this image found here


  1. ok, hopefully you won't think I'm crazy, but, I was just cleaning out some cabinets and came across 7 skeins of yarn that I have no use for. I thought of your cute yarn ball garlands. If you'd like them, I'd be happy to send them to you. The colors are burnt orange, deep teal, charcoal gray and 1 multi-green. I'd rather give them to someone than donate them. -amy

  2. I put your blog and home tour on my Friday "loving right now" link list! I love your home tour :)

  3. THANK YOU so much!!! I heart ur blog! I love that someone else can appreciate all the hard work I have done on this means a lot, especially this week! ;.)I hope you have an awesome week, you have inspired me to keep working hard!

  4. Amy you're not crazy just totally SUPER sweet! Thanks for thinking about me ;.) Sorry to just be getting back, traveling & packing has sort of consumed me. I would love to make use of the yarn ;.) If you can hold it until I get to Cali & get a new address that would be FANTASTIC ;.) but if you can't I totally get it & just appreciate the offer. Yet, again, so sweet!



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