Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Over the river & through the woods....

To grandmother's house we go.....& believe me it's a great place to be ;.) My grandmother, aka Mimi is not your typical grandmother. I think she rocks Grandma chic quite well & her home is such a inspiring nod to nature as well as a soft pallet for your eyes to take in. Just to give you an idea of how incredibly awesome her taste is,  just take a look at her jacket from the 1970's which now hangs in my closet & I try to wear it as much as possible....it's complete vintage jacket love...
 Well her house is just as fun to me. I find that it's decorated with elements that I adore and do not fit the style of my home so it's nice to enjoy them for a while....let's take a little glimpse of some pieces in her fantastic casa, shall we?

Bird paintings, billowing plants, bright fluffy flowers, & rustic pieces like her duck & bird house all translate to cottage style, but can be found in this ordinary lakeside neighborhood home. I love to feel how alive everything is from her outdoor garden to inside her house, like her terrariums.It's the overall part of the chic factor that my Mimi has to offer ;.) I am in lust with plant holder that looks so delicate like an intricate piece of lace. That might find it's way into my suitcase haha, JUST kidding Mimi ;.) There is a nice balance of free flowing & structure that you can see in her stack of books or in her letter B. And who doesn't just LOVE a fun bird fabric on a Queen Anne chair, I just love it, how fab would the wood be painted white? The fabric makes such a traditional chair feel a little whimsical. So my peeps this is what I wake up to while on this part of the vacation. I am surrounded by unique beauty all around me. What is your favorite part of your grandmother's style, do you find any similarities that carry over to your home's style?


I love to hear your thoughts lovelies! Comment away!


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