Monday, May 9, 2011

Pom Pom DIY & Mama's day luv

Happy Monday y'all! I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend spending time with your mother's, sisters, friends, children, spouses etc...;.) We had great success on Saturday with our yard sale, Shout out to all the blog readers who came out! So nothing better than a great start to a new week after a great end to an old one.

So on to business, well fun business that is! Last week when I posted pictures of Trohv, a lot of you precious peeps emailed asking about the pom poms hanging above the bed. So just for Morgan I decided to do a DIY ;.) After sitting down over lunch with my pal Kohli (who also happens to style a lot of the windows & displays at Trohv), I got the scoop on the fuzzy little beauties and thought I would report back to you! So here we go...another how to..can we handle it?! ;.)
Here is what you will need:
a sharp knife or razor blade

First make 2 "pac man" shaped discs with a large enough hole in the middle to string the yarn through. You can make the disc any size you want. The larger the disc, the larger the pom pom. You then sandwich a cut piece of yarn in between the discs. The you start to wrap yarn off the spool of yarn onto the discs. When you finish wrapping you then use the piece you sandwiched in between the cardboard to tie a big knot. You cut with a razor blade or knife and then you're done. (this step shown with orange pom below) Here is an easier way to see what I am crazily writing about ;.)

Aren't they so fun? Thanks for the inside scoop Kohli! She also told me that you can actually purchase a pom pom maker at the craft store...I opted to save the buckaroos, but if you're planning to make a lot for a garland or party decorations etc, you may want to invest in one! Don't forget to use your craft store coupons ;.) I hope this helps Morgan and to all of you others who inquired about these fun little darlin's as well!

And because I can't resist, I had to share a few details about my first mother's day! Not only did I get to spend the day with my lil' man & the Hubs, but I was also given a delicious looking cookbook that I have been lusting after...I cannot wait to try a few recipes from this sucker and report to you on their yumminess scale!
I was so proud to be a Mommy. I felt spoiled with naps (yes this means I took multiple haha), breakfast in bed, precious cards & mostly just busting with luv for this little guy....*Today also happens to be his 7 month "birthday", my oh my how quickly it goes!

My luv tank is super full ;.) Yay for all you hard working mommies & mommies to be out there!
I hope you ALL have an amazing week! So that's all folks...yard sale, mama's day & pom pom DIY. Doesn't get much better then least for a Monday morning ;.) See ya' tomorrow.


  1. Im so glad to hear you had a good day. And I LOVE your little man's shirt/onesie. Adorable!(And so is he of course. :))

  2. Thanks Sarah!!!! His shirt came from Trohv, big surprise hahah! It would be super easy to make though, don't ya think? Have an awesome Monday!

  3. Thanks so much for the DIY, and for the shout out! Can't wait to give it a try. Any tips for how to string them together?

  4. You're so welcome! Yes girl!!! :.) just use a large upholstey needle threaded with yarn and go up through the middle and tie knots in between each ppm so they don't slip on the yarn. It just like the yarn ball how to :.) let me know if that doesn't make sense:.)

  5. He is adorable! Happy mother's day to you!

  6. I can not wait to try to make some of these pom poms!
    So cute!
    Have a pretty day!

  7. Thanks ladies y'all are too sweet! I cannot wait to see what your poms look like ;.)

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