Friday, May 6, 2011

Secrets from a Florist....

With flowers in bloom this time of year it is easy to find inexpensive options to make your own arrangements instead of paying for a flower shop to make one...which can sometimes be a tad pricey. With Sunday being Love your Mama Day, I thought it might be fun to have a Florist give us a little idea or two for a homemade flower arrangement to honor those special ladies who gave us life ;.)

Here are some ideas from the pretty lil florist over at Heartfield's:

I love the idea of using old bottles and combining them collectively to use as one arrangement. It would look simply fantastic for a brunch or breakfast in bed! You could use old perfume bottles or medicine bottles, the options are endless! I also love how refreshing the lemon slices look in the glass pitcher....the pitcher would be such an amazing gift long after the flowers go to flower heaven ;.) & just in time for those hot summer days!

I was not only able to score some pictures of those pretty little darlin's above, but I was also given some secret tips to surely help all of our flower arranging dreams come true! Okay, maybe not, haha, but it will make the task a lot less intimidating ;.)
*If you decide to use tulips make sure & cut them a little shorter than you would want them to be in the arrangement because they actually continue to grow even after they are cut, crazy right?! For me finding this out was a shut yo mouth moment!
* When arranging flowers in a container or vase where you won't be using an oasis (click here for a description of an Oasis) it is sometimes easier to make a bouquet in your hand, holding it and adding to it as if making a bridal bouquet. When you are satisfied with how it looks, use some clear floral tape and wrap it around the stems close to the top of the bouquet. That type of tape is waterproof and will hold it in place.
*To personalize an arrangement, almost anything can be used for a container, let your brain go wild peeps! For Mother's Day, for instance, you can use dessert dishes, pitchers, old children's shoes, tin canisters, sugar bowls or even a tea cup and saucer. Hint alert: If you use something old, you can put the oasis down in a plastic bag inside the object so the water won't ruin the containerYou can also always pick up inexpensive items at Goodwill if you don't already have anything that tickles your fancy.

So there you have it folks! I hope this maybe sparked an idea and inspired you to give some personalized flowers to yo mama this year or even just a special lady in your life ;.) Thanks to Paula the Florist (here's another little secret...she's my crazy mama) for all of her advice and wisdom! Happy Mother's day to you! Thanks for giving me life!


  1. Thanks for the plug, Courtney! We were crazy busy at the flower shop - but it was so much fun making other mothers' Mother's Day happy! Love you bunches - Happy Mother's Day to you, too! MoM (Paula - Heartfield Florist in Hearne)

  2. Love your blog! Also, Happy Mother's Day! Just wondering where you bought the stencils you used in your home and what color paint is in your living room (top half)? I can be reached at balloonsstreamers @

  3. Thanks so much! Thanks for coming by! Our living room is a Ralph Lauren color called Broome, which we have color matched in Behr paint since our Home Depot no longer carries Ralph lauren. THe stencil in our dining room was from Hobby Lobby and the one in Olly's nursery we made on the computer and cut out ourselves. You can always check out Olive Leaf stencils Esty shop because they are amazing! I hope this helps ;.)


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