Monday, May 23, 2011

Settin' up shop in Aloft....

Helllllooooo everyone! Happy Monday to you all! We are currently on a little family vacation in Texas, crazy timing right? However, we feel this is the time we need it the most. We not only traveled here to visit family, attend some muy importante graduations, eat some southern cooking, but to also hit up some antique stores to look for some "going to Cali" finds. First a little shout out to my Bestie Dr. Newell who can now take care of all my dental needs...wooo whooo!!!

 so proud of you girl! And for all of you who come here for decor inspiration let me just tell you about an ahhhhhmazing hotel in Dallas called Aloft that we stayed at. I highly recommend you staying at a location if ever traveling near one. They are modern, trendy, sassy hotel full of comfort comfort comfort ;.) Fantastically sweet on the eyes as well. Here are a few pics of our hotel room, its just so simply decorated warehouse/loft chic...which = total inspiration for the duration of our stay! Pull up a chair & look at this lil gem.....

*there is an extra charge for the baby with a king room, haha JUST kidding my boy is not included...but an Eamesesque rocker in a hotel..... pretty stellar!

The artwork was fab, the colors were soft, an overall amazing hotel. They even had live entertainment every night that we could enjoy, how fun is that? ....Good times, just what we needed.

The lobby is stunning right?

As far as price goes, I was so pleased. It was not the cheapest place I have ever stayed but I didn't feel robbed when I left either. I felt like my buckaroos found a nice place to go. The Aloft staff was awesome as well, they upgraded us to their largest room for FREE all thanks to the Hubs & his ability to sweet talk everyone into to getting something for nothing. ***and just in case you were wondering we were not compensated for this review hahah, it was just so darn cool I had to share it with you all. So keep checking back this week as I include you in all our little finds & hopefully uncover some decor treasures deep in the heart of Texas......


  1. Looks like a blast and a fun hotel!!!

  2. Fun! My hubby & I stayed at a great hotel in Chicago a few years ago that had an awesome Eames/Herman Miller recliner in each room! He's since decided that he NEEDS one once he graduates. :)

  3. Welcome to Texas! I am close to Houston, but love all of Texas! I hope you enjoy your stay. That colorful light fixture is TO. DIE. I also spy a rocker that I have been lusting after!

  4. Jess I am actually from cypress :.) we are staying close to the woodlands :.) I'll be thinking of ya on a hot day like today

  5. I'm so happy to see another visitor of an Aloft hotel! I stayed at the Aloft Portland for my sister-in-law's baby shower last October and just loved it. What a cool place, right? The decor is stellar and I was so pleased with the price. I had found a great deal through and I was so impressed at the quality for the low price. Hope you have a great time in Texas!


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