Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Show me what you're workin' with ;.)

Some days I wake up and just want a decorative change. However, my wallet is not always ready for my spontaneous re-decorative urge! So when this happens, which I hate to admit is quite often...my crazy brain hunts around the house looking for something to tweak and create a new identity for! So most recently this lovely lady got a little face lift...

...shhhh, I have to say this quietly as not to hurt her feelings, but she was looking a little frumpy & tired...and she felt a little bulky in our space. So she started living in the basement some time ago without a purpose, but I just couldn't get rid of her. I new she had potential! She no longer hides in the basement because she's a new woman now...meet the lovely lady of our living room! She seems to like her new home in front of the couch and we are so happy to have her back with us, as pretty and useful as ever!!!

We are so proud to get use out of her once again and for a mere $27 we were able to enhance her style and give her a new outfit ;.) The hubs was awesome and worked his magic and slimmed her up a bit. We purchased new wooden legs at home depot that lifted her higher off the ground. They were only $12 total and we sprayed them with leftover paint which saved us some buckaroos! The Fabric I was in lust with when seeing it on this Chloe chair at Crate & Barrel

....but with such a hefty price tag I new I had to find the fabric and make something out of it on my own...and I thought this piece of furniture was perfect! I purchased the fabric online for $15 and it was the final little tweak that set her over the top ;.)
Isn't she lovely? We are proud to recycle her and take her with us to California where we can all have a fresh start together. I hope she can forgive us for sending her to the unwanted furniture dungeon and enjoy her new lil' life ;.)
What are some of your favorite re-purposing projects? Let me know!

***The fabric is by Dwell Studios & it's called Gate in the color Citrine ;.) 


  1. What a grea idea. I have a big brown leather ottoman that's been kind of bothering me lately. Maybe this will inspire a change. I love repurposing. I turned a coffee table into a bench a while ago and I love it. Here it is http://jandjhome.blogspot.com/2011/02/diy-bench-project-complete.html

  2. you have such a gorgeous blog, so happy to have found you through young house love. i especially love the stencilled wall paper but really, it all looks absolutely beautiful, the colours, patterns and the mix of old x x x

    thank you

  3. Ur too sweet Krystal! You made my morning ;) I hope I can keep making things prettier in my world hahah so stay tuned fo shizzle!

    J&J aren't you one clever little cookie ;.) I would love to see what you do to your brown little buddy!

  4. What is your favorite place to shop for fabrics online?

  5. Hi Kat! I try to find the cheapest place possible haha. If I know the name and maker of the fabric I go to Fabrics.com Fo SHO! They are always super cheap-o and most of the time have what I am looking for. If I am just browsing...I tend to hit up Etsy or look at Dwell & Calico Fabrics! I hope this helps ;.)

  6. Very inspiring! Love the colors! Where did you get the open cabinet in your dining room??? :)

  7. Thanks so much :.) I got it at an amazing store in Baltimore, they have one in DC too, called Trohv! They have great stuff! We bought it in red and then I recently painted it Martha stewart's chinchilla grey :.)

  8. beautiful! I love that fabric!

  9. LOVE IT! How did you track down the kind of fabric that was on the chair??

  10. Thanks so much Mandiegirl ;.)

    Hey Amanda, good question...it was pure luck. I was at Crate and Barrel looking at drapes in that fabric (as well as the Chloe chair) and I feel in love. Later that day I headed over to Calico fabrics to to see if I could find something similar so I could make my own and I actually stumbled across the new calico/Dwell fabrics line... and it was there! I couldn't believe it and I had to pinch myself...so I went home and looked on the internet on Fabrics.com and found it cheaper than at Calico and ordered myself some amazing yardage of that awesome pattern ;.) It was so exciting, and probably will never happen that easily again hahah!


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