Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Late night treasure stalking & tons o' yarn!

This trip is full of firsts for us...I need a little break today because the Hubs & I drove around in the late hours of the night into the next morning scouring through peoples bulk trash items in my grandmother's neighborhood. This is a once a month event for this neighborhood and we were dying to take part in it. So armed with a late night Starbucks tea, an empty Suv and a GPS so we wouldn't get lost (haha) we ventured to the car and winded up & down the streets like cat burglars in the night ;.) There were old tv's. couches, chairs, lawn furniture, even toilets people! It was so funny & I felt so crazy...ahhhh what I will do for some free loot. However, we didn't walk away with anything accept for a few delirious laughs & memories to take with us....but maybe you can go "dumpster diving" minus the dumpster in your area if they do heavy/bulk trash pick up ;.) My Aunt & Uncle who also live in this neighborhood informed me that this was how they scored some white chairs for their house.....always finding ways to be creative ;.)
Ohhh & I just had to share this really cool place with you I stumbled across in Tennessee. Actually, I was sleeping & the Hubs took me there after seeing a huge billboard for it...he won some serious brownie points...

As crazy as it sounds it was sort of fabulous...everything was color coordinated & I could just see so many ideas for future lamp shades or garlands....Click here to see a previous DIY lamp shade out of yarn

or click here for my previously shown yarn ball garland tutorial...
 & while we were there they had this super fun bird, great for any kids room...but the coolest part was how it was actually made... just folded up into the bird like a knitted balloon animal. It was sort of amazing! Well kiddos that's all I have for you guys today! I am going antiquing & hoping to score some fantastic old finds, unlike lasts night trash to treasure hunt...I hope you all have a great Wednesday!!!


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