Thursday, May 12, 2011

Total art crush

Along with a new move comes new wall art, right? haha. I think a new move justifies all sorts of new projects and decor changes...;.) Sorry to the Hubs if he is reading this and taken back by the words I speak above haha! I just had to let you in on a little artist gem I have found, and I just LUV her stuff! I already own one of her quirky lil images & it puts a smile on my face. It comes from Nan Lawson's Etsy shop, which you can visit by clicking here.... ;.) (which I highly recommend)

Does this lil' guy look familiar?
..Yep that is one of Nan's fun creations hanging in the boudoir! I just can't help but smile when I look at it's craziness! That is one reason I love her puts a smile on my face. Now I hope it will put a smile on all of your faces as well...OH and if you were wondering a price range...her art falls under the SUPER affordable category, which puts a spark in this ol' gals eye and keeps a smile on the ol' Hub's face!
Here are a few more prints I am lusting over...some of them may just have to make an appearance in our new California digs....which is fitting since Nan is a Los Angeles artist ;.)

 Fun right? Now I am off to spend the rest of the day gazing at her other pieces...okay, maybe not...I have a few other things I must do...but you totally should. Procrastinate chores, play hooky from work time and just look at her Etsy shop & get lost in her whimsical world ;.) By the way, which one is your favorite?


  1. Oooh. I think I'm going to have to get Wild Thing Max for my son's room.

  2. Just favorited her on etsy! BTW, love the rhino! Resource?

  3. Me took Kara! I think it will look great on olly's art wall!

    Carrie I heart the rhino :.) I got it for around 50 buckaroos at zgallerie and I sprayed it rustoleums metallic gold! I hope that helps :.) happy rhinoing :.)

  4. How about the lamp? Did you spray that too? I'm having trouble finding a tall lamp in general!!

  5. Yes I did :.) I bought an 8 dollar brass lamp at goodwill and sprayed it a blue color from rustoleum.... I luv it so much! Target has one like it :.)

  6. I'm buying that bicycle print stat! Seriously! So adorable!

  7. I love the chucks illustration, and the cute little fan!

  8. Oh girl I have the fan print :.) luv it too!

  9. So cute right? And she has other colors :.) I think it would be so cute to hang three different colors together :.) so glad u liked it Amanda!

  10. ******I also meant I painted the lamp gold not blue :.) I was thinking of another more recent lamp re-do.... Sorry for the confusion

  11. Question: I am in LOVE with the dog prints in your master bedroom gallery wall..I've been looking for something just like that. Where did ya find yours?

  12. Another Question: Did you hand paint/draw that lampshade? I love that little wall vignette you've got going on.

  13. Dacia I actually found them at Goodwill :.) I may be willing to part with them, if so I will let you know :.)

    Hilary it is actually a shade I covered with fabric from this FANTASTIC etsy shop saraleeparker and the fabric is super cheap but her designs and good quality live it so much! This particular fabric is called prarie flowers In cornflower blue (only 10 buckaroos) fab right? and she is still selling it , but only has two left so hurry..) happy shopping! :.) hope this helps!

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