Friday, May 13, 2011

way to go Blogger....

Ummm, so yea, Blogger has been down and not working since yesterday afternoon/evening, wayyyy to go Blogger ;.). I was unable to post or even log in to check stats or comments. *****Oh AND it automatically deleted Thursdays posts Blogger wide....I can't even find it in my history to repost it... So sorry to all you amazing readers who came to the site for something amazing today and got this instead ;.( Since it is just now up and running I thought I would post a quick hello and well wishes for a great weekend! But just in case you were bitten by the curiosity bug...this is what was for dinner last night....
it was sort of amazing...wish these blogs were smellaread ;.) It was okra, tomatoes, brown rice & was awesomely fantastic! I think I might have to go and eat leftovers....SO adios friends see you Monday, well as long as Blogger keeps it together & doesn't interfere with our plans ;.)


  1. Wow looks good! Can you post a step by step recipe for it?

  2. Thanks so much guys!!!! :.) Jeanette I'll try to post directions soon or if u send your email addy I can send my recipe to you ;.)

  3. is it the art crush post? Its in my reader, I can copy and paste it for you, if you like.

  4. Awww thanks Lisa :.) ur sweet but blogger restored it :.)


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